Indiana University School of Medicine offers an integrated four-year wellness and personal development experience with curricular and co-curricular opportunities at all nine campuses. This comprehensive wellness program trains medical students to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors to maintain their own wellness throughout the lifetime of their career.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

To reduce burnout, the program trains students how to maintain effective self-care strategies for the eight dimensions of wellness—emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual.

Personal Wellness Coaching 

Schedule a one-on-one personal wellness coaching session with Antwione Haywood, PhD, assistant dean of student affairs. Dr. Haywood has training from Real Balance Global Wellness, Mental Health First Aid, and the National Exercise Trainers Association. During sessions, Dr. Haywood provides helps students achieve their wellness goals by offering personalized guidance in the eight dimensions of wellness, which helps students determine individual strengths and challenges. Coaching typically focuses on topics such as physical and emotional well-being, goal setting, stress reduction and time management. Schedule an appointment today by contacting Dr. Haywood’s assistant, Emily Laughlin.

Wellness Coalition

Founded in 2018 by a group of medical students and student affairs staff members, the Wellness Coalition works to connect students with activities that will help them to be well-rounded in their wellness. Each event will have at least one of the eight dimensions of wellness as its focus, helping students learn about and practice in IU School of Medicine’s eight dimensions of wellness.

Wellness Coalition events take place on the second Tuesday of every month (You Day Tuesday) and the fourth Wednesday of every month (Wellness Wednesday), as well as sprinkled throughout the calendar.

Wellness Coalition Events

Check out upcoming events on IU School of Medicine’s events calendar.


Have suggestions or questions for the Wellness Coalition? Interested in joining the Wellness Coalition with your student group? Contact Kristen Heath for more information.

Want to get in touch with Mental Health Services? Visit IU School of Medicine’s Mental Health Services webpages.