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Students Seeking Tutors

Need assistance with a course, effective study strategies or a board exam?

The IUSM tutors are here to help! IUSM tutors work with students on a one-on-one or small group basis to help students with course content, academic coaching or board exam preparation. Tutoring is free to students. There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that a student can work with a tutor.

While some students feel self-conscious about working with a tutor, please know that in the 2018-2019 academic year 31% of first year students requested a tutor. Using the instructions below, you can search for a tutor to help you!

Instructions for Students Seeking Tutors

1. Navigate to the Student Appointment Scheduler task in One.IU

2. Under Find Appointments, click Search Advisors

3. For all MD Students, regardless of IUSM campus, select campus: IUPUI Indianapolis

4. Search by tag for a specific course or topic: (click to see list)

Year 1Foundations of Clinical Practice Year 1 (FCP1)
Year 1Fundamentals of Health and Disease (FHD)
Year 1Host Defense (HD)
Year 1Human Structure (HS)
Year 1Human Structure Lab (HS lab)
Year 1Molecules to Cells and Tissues (MCT)
Year 1Neuroscience and Behavior (N&B)
Year 2Cardiovascular & Hematology (C&H)
Year 2Endocrine Reproductive Musculoskeletal & Dermatologic (ERMD)
Year 2Gastrointestinal & Nutrition (GI&N)
Year 2Renal & Respiratory (R&R)
Year 2Foundations of Clinical Practice Year 2 (FCP2)
Year 3Family Medicine (FM) Clerkship
Year 3Internal Medicine (IM) Clerkship
Year 3Neurology Clerkship
Year 3Obstetrics/Gynecology (OBGYN) Clerkship
Year 3Pediatrics Clerkship
Year 3Psychiatry Clerkship
Year 3Radiology Clerkship
Year 3Surgery Clerkship
Year 3Anesthesia Clerkship
AnyGeneral Study Strategies
AnyTime Management
Board Exam PrepBiostats
Board Exam PrepStep 1
Board Exam PrepStep 2
Board Exam PrepStep 2 Clinical Knowledge (Step 2 CK)
Board Exam PrepStep 2 Clinical Skills (Step 2 CS)
IUSM CampusIUSM Bloomington
IUSM CampusIUSM Evansville
IUSM CampusIUSM Fort Wayne
IUSM CampusIUSM Indianapolis
IUSM CampusIUSM Muncie
IUSM CampusIUSM Gary
IUSM CampusIUSM South Bend
IUSM CampusIUSM Terre Haute
IUSM CampusIUSM West Lafayette

5. Browse Tutors or Availability

  1. For a Specific Tutor
    1. Click on individual tutor name
    2. View tutor profile
    3. Click Schedule Appointment
  2. For a Specific Date or Time
    1. Check the # advisor found box and adjust selections as needed to pull in up to 25 advisors from the search list
    2. Click Schedule Appointment
    3. Click Find Open Appointments
  3. Tips for searching:
    1. Be sure that tutor profiles say “MD Tutor Services” under their name
    2. If you are looking for someone that is on a specific campus, look for that tag (e.g. IUSM Evansville)
    3. If you are having trouble narrowing down your search, consider using the find command to find a word or words on the page after searching by tag. Keyboard shortcuts are “CTRL+F” or “F3” on Windows or “Control+F” or “Command+F” on a Mac.

6. Set Appointment Slot

  1. Click desired timeslot
  2. Reason for appointment:
    1. Include a brief sentence the course or topic that you are seeking assistance with (must be at least 15 characters but no more than 250 characters)
    2. Example: I am seeking assistance with Molecules to Cells and Tissues (MCT)
  3. Click Submit Request

7. Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment Slot

  1. From the Student Appointment Scheduler main page, look under Upcoming Appointments to find the appointment you would like to either Cancel or Reschedule
  2. Click the Reschedule or Cancel button and follow the prompts to either schedule into other available slots or cancel your appointment. Note: if cancelling your appointment, you must provide a reason. It is also best practice to contact the tutor directly regarding the cancellation if your appointment is being cancelled within a week of the scheduled appointment slot. (?)

8. Tutoring Session Appointments and Reminders

  1. A system-generated confirmation email from the tutor will be sent shortly after signing up for an appointment slot
  2. An email reminder will be sent the morning of the day before the appointment
  3. If opted in to text message reminders, those are currently sent at 8pm EST the day before the appointment