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IUSM Satellite Campuses Apartment Listings

A survey was done with our IUSM students from all nine campuses. These listings are of apartments of which our students typically rent. Choose your campus area and explore these apartments.

Apartment Letter

Upon finding your apartment we would be able to supply you with an Apartment Letter. This will show proof that you are able to financially afford your living expenses while a student at IUSM. To obtain this letter contact our office to either Jose Espada, ; LaTonya Hudson, or Nathan Loyd and we will be able to email this to you.

These apartments are not endorsed by IUSM.

Apartment Tips

Asking how the pricing of your apartment is?

The reason of this is some are charged by the BED, PERSON or UNIT. As I have being doing research I have found that some apartments are charged this way. This may pose a problem if you are looking at a two bedroom. Some apartments will offer roommate matching if you do not have a roommate. Keep in mind that the person that may end up as your roommate may not be a student.

Move-in Day

As you may have done with your undergrad housing with  your RA a walk through is something to consider upon moving in to ensure you do not get charged for something you did not do.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance, also known as tenant insurance, is to help cover unexcepted events such as break-ins and if visitors become injured at your property. Each company policy is different with what is covered. On average the amount monthly is $5-$20. You may want to reach out to your auto insurance company. Some apartment complexes may offer as well and it can be included in your rent.


Budget Billing

I suggest to students to contact their utility companies upon finding out where you will be staying and ask about budget billing. If they do have budget billing I would encourage this.

This will allow you to ensure your monthly budget will be maintained. At the end of the year you will have what they call a settle up month. Sometimes you may have a credit or a slightly bigger payment to bring the account current, but this does help on the month to month. If you have any questions feel free to contact LaTonya Hudson, M.S about this at IUSM Student Financial Aid Office.


Citizens Energy Group : Water & Gas  or (317)924-3311

AES (formerly IPL):  Electricity   or (317)261-8222

If you are outside of Marion County your providers may be different.


City of Evansville Utilities Info


Bloomington Utilities

South Bend

South Bend Utilities Division

West Lafayette

City of Lafayette Info

West Lafayette

Fort Wayne

City of Fort Wayne

Northwest Campus

Due to the various smaller cities student resides at this campus location, consult with your apartment complex.


Muncie Utility Information

Terre Haute

Terre Haute

Housing Terms

  • Landlord-the owner of the property either apartment or house. This can also be a rental company that help with the property and ensures that the lease is carried out in the matter it should. The are responsible for structural maintenance of the lease. Also, the landlord is to make sure that the agreement is not broken and if so to evict the tenants.
  • Application– this is a document that potential tenant completes. This is to be completed to see if you are eligible to meet the requirements for the apartments. Normally this would require you to submit basic information such as employment, social security number, previous address, bank statements, pay stubs and references.
  • Lease– the contract between a tenant and landlord that allows the tenant and landlord that gives a tenant the right to live in the property for a period of time 6-12 months. Each lease is different as in length or subletting.
  • Rental AgreementThis is a an agreement between the tenant and landlord, but it is for a shorter timeframe usually up to 30 days.
  • Co-signer– A secondary or more signer of your lease who won’t be residing in the apartment, a co-signer is usually needed when the tenant has a short or poor rental or credit history and requires someone (usually a parent) to vouch for them. The secondary person is equally responsible for upholding the terms of the lease as backup if the other person is not. 
  • Guarantor– Somewhat like a co-signer  a guarantor is a third party who “guarantees” they will pay for the rent and fulfill the financial obligations of the renter. This person however is not listed on the lease and can’t live in the apartment.
  • Co-tenant– It is two or more people who sign the lease with the intent that both or all will occupy the apartment and be just as responsible for rent and the lease. The co-tenant have equal and shared responsibility and legal right under the agreement. 
  • Tenant- The person who signs a lease and pays rent to occupy a space such as a apartment or rental unit owned by another entity or person.
  • Lessee/Lessor – The lessee is the tenant, or holder of the lease, and the lessor is the landlord or owner who provide the lease to the tenant.