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Submit A Housing Request

Housing Posting

For soliciting info to post about housing rentals, roommates, and sublets for students.
  • This Housing/Roommate site is maintained by Jose Espada. If you would like to post any housing related ads, please fill out this online form. Attach a word document with complete details of your rental and photos. Please do not send flyers or highly formatted pieces as they will not cut and paste properly. Note: All postings are removed automatically in three months. If you rented or sold or found a roommate prior to three months expiration or need an extension, please let Jose know.
  • Type of Housing Post * Required
  • Example: Midtown Studio/Carriage House or 2BR in Broad Ripple
  • Address
    You do not have to be specific. You can say Mass Ave or use street intersections to give a general idea.
  • Share your email or phone number so the student can contact you. You can use either or both.
  • For communication purposes. Note in housing details below if you want your email/phone number posted for prospective seekers.
  • You can copy and paste your housing details here or type it in. Look at our current offerings to see what kind of information to share.
  • If you posted info about your housing elsewhere (Zillow, etc), paste the link here.
  • If you want to send photos, use Dropbox, Google Files, or other similar resources and paste the link here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.