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Phase 2 COVID-19 Updates

Last updated July 20, 2:43 pm EDT

Clinical Re-Entry Guidelines

  1. In order to minimize potential exposures, students are not to be assigned to have direct contact with patients who are known or highly suspected of having COVID-19. This applies to all settings, both inpatient and outpatient settings.  Many patients seeking care for other health problems may be tested for COVID-19 and are appropriate for student involvement and learning with input from your faculty.
  1. Surgical masks are to be worn at all times within clinical settings (inpatient and outpatient). This includes during rounds, teaching rounds, teaching sessions, etc., as well as direct patient care. Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet when eating or drinking.
  1. Students are to abide by local healthcare facility protocol/rules and infection control measures in each of their clinical settings. 
  1. Students are expected to provide good stewardship of their use of PPE in all clinical settings to help facilities preserve their supplies.
  2. Students are not to come into clinical settings if they feel ill. Contact IU School of Medicine Student Health at or call (317) 274-8214 immediately, notify your clerkship coordinator or preceptor as soon as possible and note the following procedures:
    • If symptomatic, please use the IU Health virtual hub with CAS credentials.
      • If testing is appropriate, you will be guided to closest testing facility.
        • If positive:
          • Let program director, staff physician, and rotation coordinator know.
          • Isolation duration is 10 days minimum and individual must be afebrile (not feverish) for 72 hours with improving symptoms before returning to work/class. This process will be guided by the IU Health virtual hub. Retesting is not required and is discouraged.
          • It is the learner’s responsibility to notify Occupational Health at the facility (e.g. Eskenazi Health or VA) where they have been assigned. If assigned to IU Health, the notification occurs via the IU Health Virtual Hub.
        • If negative:
          • Let program director, staff physician, and rotation coordinator know.
          • Should remain off rotation until you’ve been 24h fever free (off antipyretics such as ibuprofen or aspirin) with improving symptoms
  3. Alternative experiences and options to complete clerkship requirements will be determined with the clerkship team. Please refer to the time away policy for illness or absence. Coming to clinical settings while feeling ill places colleagues and patients at risk and should not happen in any circumstances.

Time Away Requests

As you’re aware, your time on your clinical rotations is mandatory, and you should make every opportunity to be present. However, we recognize that there are times where that won’t be possible.

Illness: As outlined in the clinical re-entry guidelines, students are not to come into clinical settings if they feel ill. If this occurs, notify your team immediately and when time allows, fill out a time away form, and your team will work with you to make sure you can complete all requirements. Follow the procedures for virtual screening if you have any symptoms concerning for Covid-19.

Emergencies: Emergencies happen. If something occurs, always remember to notify your team immediately. Please fill out a time away form for official documentation when time permits. Your clerkship team will work with you on options to complete any missed elements if needed.

Special Events: We know that there are special events that occur in everyone’s lives, and some may require travel. The COVID-19 pandemic necessitate that you consider multiple elements as you contemplate travel:

  1. Business / school travel is prohibited by Indiana University at this time. The University will provide periodic updates on these restrictions.
  2. Always check with your facility where you are or will be working prior to making personal travel plans. Healthcare systems may require additional regulations and request for self-isolation with any travel. Such exclusions from the hospital systems would require rescheduling and potentially delay your clinical experiences.
  3. International travel is prohibited at this time for all citizens. Any international travel would require at least 2 weeks of quarantine upon return, resulting in rescheduling and potentially delay your phase 3 experience.
  4. Even if initially cleared for travel, if regulations change while you’re traveling, you may require self-isolation upon your return dates. This may require rescheduling rotations and potentially delay your clinical experiences.

If you request time away from your team due to a special event, please recognize that, depending on the impact on your rotation, it may not be able to be granted or the time away will need to be made up to ensure that your requirements can be met.