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Phase 1, Year 2 COVID Updates

Updated August 3, 2020, 9:48 am EDT (Added Office Hours section and COVID-19 Practices for FCP2 Section)

Plans for the fall semester are made based on projected ongoing COVID-19 concerns.  If conditions were to improve significantly due to reduced disease activity in Indiana, IU School of Medicine will look for ways to increase face-to-face activities based on recommendations from AAMC, CDC and ISDH.

Office Hours

To facilitate and ensure clear communication throughout the fall semester, the Phase 1 leadership team will be holding open office hours each Wednesday from 12-2 pm EDT. Access here:


  1. The fall semester will start as scheduled on August 10, 2020.
  1. Cardiovascular and Hematology, Renal and Respiratory and Gastrointestinal and Nutrition will be delivered in the same manner as Neuroscience and Behavior last spring, with all didactic sessions, either available as pre-recordings or delivered live through Zoom. Unit exams will be delivered through ExamSoft, and we hope to use remotely proctored customized NBME exams for the course final exams.
  1. Foundation of Clinical Practice 2 will have face-to-face sessions when learning clinical skills (physical exam and POCUS) with standardized patients and when learning clinical skills. You will be on your home campus for these sessions.  It is anticipated that these sessions will last through October 1st; remaining course sessions will be delivered virtually using a combination of pre-recorded lectures and Zoom.  Due to COVID restrictions, longitudinal preceptor visits will not be held this fall.

COVID-19 Practices for FCP2

COVID-related considerations have resulted in modifications to the Phase 1 curriculum. FCP2 will contain required face-to-face sessions. 

  •  FCP2 will meet once a week in face-to-face small group session in accordance with all IUSM guidelines through September 25.  
  • Beginning the week of September 28th, all FCPY2 small group sessions will be virtual for the remainder of the semester. 
  • Decisions about the format of spring semester will be made prior to Thanksgiving break. 

We have planned time for make-up sessions during March for students who must miss these important in-person training experiences. Our goal is to avoid disruptions or delays to your progression through the curriculum, and we are redoubling those efforts in light of the challenges we all face through COVID.

These are intensive hands-on experiences that require significant planning, and we can therefore only make this option available to students with excused absences, such as for illness or emergencies. We ask for your understanding and cooperation to ensure that these limited makeup experiences can be used by students who need them.

If you anticipate needing to miss any or all of these sessions, please reach out to Assistant Dean Dr. Abigail Klemsz who will work with you on planning the timing of your Step 1 exam and other important considerations needed.