Phase 3 (Year 4)

Career Development Program Checklist

1) Meet with the Career Development Team as Needed
Update the team on your interview progress once you begin accepting interviews. Also work with the team to review a sample CV and optimize your application and CV materials.

2) Stay on Track
Follow the Preparing for Residency Timeline on this page and stay up to date with Match on My Mind updates.

3) Take Time for Self-Assessment and Reflection
Schedule recurring check-in meetings with your lead advisor

4) Explore Careers
Schedule recurring meeting with your career mentor(s) and the Career Development team.

5) Work on Professional Development
Attend Group Mentoring Sessions (Introduction to ERAS and NRMP, CV preparation, Personal Statement preparation, how to select and evaluate residency programs)

6) Practice with Mock Interviews
Work with the Career Development team to practice interview skills.

7) Prepare for Residency
Attend Transitions 3

Preparing for Residency Timeline

April: Research Residency Programs

Choosing a residency program is a big decision. It is best to begin narrowing options as soon as a specialty has been decided. Research residency programs and use the AAMC’s tool to search for specific programs.

Early June: Begin Residency Application in ERAS

Begin your residency application in ERAS. You must have a token from the Registrar’s Office to begin your ERAS application.

June: Procure Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation will need to be uploaded through the ERAS Portal.

Visit securing letters of recommendation for more advice.

July–August: Begin Refining Application Materials

Your lead advisor can help to refine your materials. For additional assistance, seek out consultation services from the career development team.

September: Register with the National Residency Match

Register with the National Residency Match Program. Applications are due in ERAS by September 15.

October–January: Interviewing Process

MSPEs and transcripts will be released around October 1. Mock interview sessions will be available through the career development team. Review interview trail etiquette to prepare, and visit AAMC Interviewing for more advice.

You can also use the residency program evaluation guide and residency preference exercise to make your decision. Don’t forget to update your interview progress so the career mentor team and your lead advisor can help you ensure your residency match.

Worried that a program is in violation with NRMP match and interview policies? The NRMP has created a Violation Report Form for Applicants to make it easier to report program violations and Tulane university put together an NRMP match and interview policy guide.

January–February: Submit Rank Order List

Rank order lists are available in the beginning of January. The list must be certified by the February deadline.

March: Match Week

Students across the country learn their match placement during Match Week. Learn more about the Match Day process, FAQs and more at the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) website.

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