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Phase 1 (Years 1 and 2)

Phase 1 Career Development Program Checklist

Phase 1: Understanding Self and Exploring Options

Students who are intentional about finding the right specialty are more likely to be satisfied with their professional life. The right specialty should match an individual’s personality, interests, values and skills. Characteristics like patient type, setting, medical conditions, colleagues, and activities are all important to consider when choosing the right specialty.

Orientation, August 2020 Specialty Speed Rounds

Hear representatives from the core rotations explain what a day in the life of someone in their specialty looks like, and what makes each specialty unique.

Find the Right Specialty

To find the right fit, students should first take the AAMC Careers in Medicine Self-Assessments to identify career options that support specific values and goals. These assessments help students to better understand themselves when making this often difficult decision.

Take the Next Steps

In addition to taking self-assessments, there are several activities available to students for the purpose of exploring options. Students can join medical specialty student interest group (SIG) clusters, attend specialty exploration events, or request a career mentor if they are interested in more competitive specialties such as urology, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology or dermatology.

Take Advantage of American Association for Medical Colleges (AAMC) Resources

The AAMC website is a great space to gather more information about career exploration.