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Faculty Career Mentor Resources

Choosing a medical specialty is one of the most significant decisions a medical student will make. Faculty Career Mentors provide medical students with information and resources to effectively make career decisions that will ultimately lead them toward a successful residency match.

How Can Faculty Become Career Mentors?

Share you interest with your specialty career mentor representative. More information about your representative can be found here.

What is the Career Mentoring Program?

Medical Student Education has developed a comprehensive career mentoring program that is more formalized and better integrated into all 4 years of the curriculum at all 9 campuses. The new IUSM career mentoring plan follows the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) paradigm of a 4 phase process: Understand Yourself, Explore your Options, Choose your Specialty, Prepare for Residency.

The phases of the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM) paradigm will be applied over the 3 phases of the IUSM curriculum. Students may request a specialty specific career mentor at any stage of the process.

Primary Role of Career Mentor

Mentoring is an ongoing, caring relationship defined by extensive support and encouragement. Mentors are role models and can help acculturate mentees into medical and their selected specialty. The primary role and responsibility of a Career Mentor is to:

  • Provide holistic mentorship to medical students with a focus on specialty career exploration
  • Offer perspectives in navigating the application process in your specialty
  • Review mentees CV, personal statement, and provide LORs
  • Share advice regarding your mentees competitiveness in your particular specialty
  • Inspire mentees with your personal experiences and serve as an example
  • Encourage mentee to attend professional development events sponsored by the MAP (i.e. introduction to ERAS and NRMP, CV preparation, personal statement preparation, how to select a residency program, mock interviews, etc.)
  • Direct mentees to their Lead Advisors for any concerns related to scholastic issues
  • Provide the Career Mentor office with student updates by completing the faculty mentor form


Where can I record and share notes related to conversations and advice provided to mentees to ensure fidelity across advising and mentorship?

The faculty mentor form is the best place to take and share notes related to mentee progress.

Where can I find information about ERAS and NRMP deadlines?

ERAS timeline for MD Residency can be found here

Where can I find information about my mentees USMLE scores?

Ask the student. If that does not work, feel free to contact the Assistant Dean or Associate Director of Career Mentoring ( and )

Do you have reference materials for conducting mock interviews?

Yes! Here are some helpful resources to help you with your mock interviews with students: