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Acronym Guide

AA -Admission Ambassadors

AAMC – Association of Medical Colleges

AC -Admissions Committee

ACLS – Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

AMA – American Medical Association

Anki- Flashcards used for courses and Step 1 prep

AOA – Alpha Omega Alpha Society

ASC -Academic Standards Committee

BSC- Basic Science Component

BLS- Basic Life Support

C&H- Cardiovascular & Hematology (P1Y2 course)

CAITS-Clinical Affairs IT

CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services

CBSE – Comprehensive Basic Science Exam

CC – Connections Committee

CCBS – Curriculum Council Basic Science Component

CCCC – Curriculum Council Clinical Component

CCPH- Community-Campus Partnerships for Health

CCSC – Curriculum Council Steering Committee

CCSE – Comprehensive Clinical Science Exam

CiM – Careers in Medicine

CK – Clinical Knowledge

Clerkships- Clinical rotations in P2 & P3

CM – Career Mentor

COA – Cost of Attendance

CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement

CS – Clinical Skills

DAC – Disabilities Accommodations Committee

E&RB- Endocrine & Reproductive Biology (P1Y2 course)

EHR- Electronic Health Record

EMR- Electronic Medical Records

EOTA – Evening of the Arts

ERAS – Electronic Residency Application Service

FCP – Foundations of Clinical Practice (taken during P1)

FHD- Fundamentals of Health & Disease (FHD)

FIRM – Finding Inspiration and Resilience in Medicine

First Aid Book- Student-to-Student Guide for Step 1 Prep

G&N- Gastrointestinal & Nutrition (P1Y2 course)

GHHS – Gold Humanism Honor Society

GLIC – Global Longitudinal Intersession Curriculum

GPSG – Graduate and Professional Student Government

GSA – Group on Student Affairs

HD- Host Defense (P1Y1 course)

HIPAA- Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HS- Human Structure (P1Y1 course)

IAMSE = International Association of Medical Science Educators

ILO- Intuitional Learning Outcomes

ILT-Independent Learning Time

IMPRS- Indiana Medical Student Program for Research and Scholarship

IP- Inpatient

IUSM – Indiana University School of Medicine

LA – Lead Advisor

LAC – Library Advisory Committee

LCME – Liaison Committee for Medical Education

LOA – Leave of Absence

MAP – Mentoring and Advising Program

MCT- Molecules to Cells & Tissues (P1Y1 course)

MK- Medical Knowledge

MS4 – 4th Year Legacy curriculum (Class of 2019)

MSA- Medical Student Affairs

MSAC – Medical Student Alumni Council

MSAS- Medical Student Administration System

MSC – Medical Student Council

MSE – Medical Student Education

MSK & Derm- Musculoskeletal & Dermatology (P1Y2 course)

MSPE – Medical Student Performance Evaluation

MSPI – Medical Specialty Preference Inventory

MSSG – Medical Student Service-Learning Group (See SLC)

N&B- Neuroscience & Behavior (P1Y1 course)

NBME – National Board Medical Examiners

NIH – National Institutes of Health

NRMP – National Residency Matching Program

OC – Orientation Committee

OMSL – Office of Medical Service Learning

OP- Outpatient

OSA – Office of Student Affairs

OSCE – Objective Structured Clinical Exams

OSHA- Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSR – Organization of Student Representatives

P1 – Phase 1 (includes years 1 and 2 of medical school)

P1Y1- Phase 1 Year 1 (first year)

P1Y2- Phase 1 Year 2 (second year)

P2 – Phase 2 (third year)

P3 – Phase 3 (fourth year)

Pathoma- Resource for Step 1 Prep

PBL – Problem-Based Learning

PHI- Protected Health Information

PM- Physician Mentor

PMC – Peer Mentoring Committee

Preceptor- Clinical instructor

PVIPS – Physicians Value in Practice Scale

R&R- Renal & Respiratory (P1Y2 course)

RCL- Regional Campus Liaison

RLML- Ruth Lilly Medical Library

SCLC – Student Curriculum Liaison Committee

SDLT- Self Directed Learning Time

SFS – Office of Student Financial Services

SIGs – Student Interest Groups

Sketchy – Visual learning tool for various classes and Step 1 prep

SL – Service-Learning

SLC – Service Learning Coalition

SNMA – Student National Medical Association

SOAP – Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program

SP- Standardized Patient

SPC – Student Promotion Committee

SPSA – Student Patient Safety Advocate Committee

SRC – Student Research Committee

SSR – Student Space and Renovation Committee

Step 1- First board exam taken after completion of P1

Step 2 CK- Second board exam taken after completion of P2

Step 2 CS- Clinical Skills exam taken after completion of P2

Sub – I – Sub Internship

TBL- Team-Based Learning

TLAC – Teacher Learner Advocacy Committee

Transitions I- P1Y1 course taken at start of medical school

Transitions 2- P2 course taken at start of 3rd year

UITS – University Information Technology Services

USMLE – United States Medical Licensing Examination

VSAS – Visiting Student Application