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Spring Interview Day

Each spring, medical students can apply and interview for committee positions at Interview Day.

Interview Day Overview

Interview Day will be announced at a later date.

Interview Day Overview
  • Dress: Business or business casual attire is appropriate. This includes suits, skirts, slacks and dress shirts (with or without a tie). If coming to or from clinical duties, scrubs are allowed, though not preferred.
  • What to Bring: IU CrimsonCard, pen/pencil. If you have long periods between interviews, you are also welcome to bring study material to make use of your down time in the Daly Student Center or the Ruth Lilly Medical Library.
  • Parking: IUPUI permits are honored on the weekends. If you are traveling from a center, then parking is available in the Riley Outpatient Garage or Lockefield Garage at an hourly rate.
  • Arrival: Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your interview to sign in. Enter at the east side of the Daly Student Center (between the library and Medical Sciences building). All other doors may be locked and you will have to use your school ID to access them. Check in will be in front of room Daly 185 (outside of the Medical Student Council Office).
  • The Interview: Your interview time and room assignment will be sent to you prior to Interview Day. You will be interviewed by either a former member of the committee or by an MSC executive officer. Each applicant will have about 12 minutes with the interviewer(s). Once the interview is finished, the interviewer(s) will usually spend the remaining three minutes filling out the appropriate forms. The interviewers will have access to your applications before you arrive.
  • Phone/Skype Interviews: If you have requested a phone or Skype interview, then you will be contacted by the interviewers at the time of your interview. You should allow time on each side of your interview in case the schedule is delayed. Be ready by your phone/computer at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time, just to be safe.
  • Food: MSC understands that you are taking time out of your day to participate. Therefore, we provide a full breakfast and lunch buffet. Set up will be around 8 am and 11:15 am, respectively.
  • What Happens after the Interview: The interviewers will rank the candidates in order of who they see as the best fit for the position. The MSC executive officers will take those lists and create recommendations that will be submitted to the Dean’s Office for final approval. This process can take a couple of months, so be patient.
  • What Happens if You’re Selected: Once your academic status has been confirmed by the Dean’s Office, you will be sent an official letter of congratulations. MSC will also send you a notification regarding the details of your duties. Your duties will begin June 1 of the year.
Process for Committee Appointments
  • Medical Student Council (MSC) conducts interviews
  • MSC VP-Membership completes the Recommendations Report and emails it to Associate Dean for Medical Student Education (MSE)
  • Associate Dean for MSE determines that all recommended students are in good academic standing
  • Associate Dean for MSE responds to MSC VP-Membership approving student appointments for MSC and MSE-Appointed Committees
  • MSC notifies students of appointment to MSC- and MSE-Appointed Committees
  • Associate Dean for MSE sends the list of student names recommended for Dean Appointed Committees to the Executive Associate Dean (EAD) for Faculty Affairs Professional Development and Diversity (FAPDD)
  • EAD for FAPDD sends letter to all committee chairs requesting approval of student appointees
  • Additional interviews will be conducted by the chairs for Admissions, SPC & TLAC before students are notified of appointment
  • EAD for FAPDD sends letter to students informing them of appointment. Students should receive notification by mid-April giving them an opportunity to attend a meeting before the outgoing students finish their term at the end of May.
  • MSC notifies students who did not receive a position on MSC-, MSE-, or Dean-Appointed Committees
Student Committee Member Statement of Responsibilities

If selected to a position, I understand that my primary responsibility is to represent my peers as a member of the Indiana University Medical Student Council, which is the voice of the Indiana University School of Medicine student body. I realize that any evaluation of my representation throughout the year would likely be conducted by the IU Medical Student Council on behalf of the students of Indiana University, and not from the faculty or administration.

If selected to a position, I understand that the annual Medical Student Council Leadership Day Conference, which usually occurs in October, is part of my responsibilities to attend.

If selected to a position, I understand that it is a part of my responsibilities to participate as an interviewer in the next annual MSC Interview Day for MSC-appointed, MSE-appointed, and Dean-appointed positions, which occurs each year during the spring semester of my term, unless I am excused by the Medical Student Council Interview Day Coordinators.

By applying for a committee position, I enter into a pledge to uphold the highest standards of student leadership if selected as a representative of the Indiana University Medical Student Council and understand all statements of responsibility as described in this document.

2020 Interview Day Application

Updated March 9, 2020