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Indiana University School of Medicine

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2020 SLC Executive Board

Board Members


Events Chair
Brianna Alex – (

Community Leadership Mentoring Program (CLMP) Chair
Adam Warrick – (
Luke Brennan – (

Cluster Chair
Annie Gensel – (
Shraya Patel – (

Alternative Break Chair
Dylan Stolz – (
Dirichi Arungwa – (

Mentoring Network Chair
Jasmine Kaur – (

Bloomington Regional Chair
Minal Patel – (

Evansville Regional Chair
Ashton Bolser – (

Fort Wayne Regional Chair
Amy Achiko – (

Indianapolis Regional Chair
Jamel Hill – (

Muncie Regional Chair
David Emch – (

Northwest Regional Chair
Natasa Petreska – (

South Bend Regional Chair
Kate Harris – (

Terre Haute Regional Chair
Joey Hebert – (

West Lafayette Regional Chair
Clare Marks – (
Madeline Ku – (

General Information


SLC Executive Board Members are voted in for one-year terms by project boards. The executives have various responsibilities described below and are representatives of SLC for any school-wide meetings or events.


Both voting and non-voting members of the SLC can express interest in open SLC board roles via a platform and will be selected by current SLC leadership in early spring. Candidates should include SLC experience/qualifications and specific goals for upcoming year. The current SLC board will select and communicate the recommendation for the impending board with the SLC faculty/staff prior to induction. The term length will be one year beginning after spring elections.

Qualifications to Serve as SLC Officer

  • Current medical student in good academic standing
  • Have served as an SLC project co-chair, or have volunteered on multiple SLC projects. Project chairs will be given first consideration.
  • Be strongly committed to continuing to serve SLC in a leadership role.
  • Be motivated to assist Service Learning Coalition (SLC) project co-chairs as a mentor.
  • Has met, in person or virtually, a current member of the Executive Board or the SLC advisor

Elections and Transition

Candidates must submit a platform for consideration by deadlines set by the outgoing executive board members or the faculty advisor. Platforms will be sent out to project emails and each project will submit one vote for each position by an online form. Elections will be open for one week in November.

Roles of each position:


  • Represent SLC and promote community engagement on all IUSM campuses
  • Ensure statewide medical service-learning partnerships
  • Coordinate meetings with exec board and/or projects as needed
  • Oversee other exec board members

VP of Service

  • Liaison between SLC and the Medical Student Council (MSC)
  • Attend monthly MSC and Deans’ meetings
  • Planning of the fall Leadership Retreat for SLC projects in conjunction with MSC’s retreat

VP of Project Affairs

  • Oversee all SLC projects; liaison between projects and exec board
  • Coordinate meetings with projects as needed with the President
  • Plan fall call-out fair and spring banquet

VP of Communications

  • Responsible for monitoring SLC email and communications
  • Receive submissions for the monthly newsletter
  • Design and distribute the monthly newsletter

VP of Finance

  • Coordinates statewide financial initiatives for service-learning projects
  • Administers budget requests from SLC projects

Faculty Advisor

Supports student executive board members with initiatives and governance