Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

Student Interest Groups (SIGs) are registered organizations that are founded and led by students at Indiana University School of Medicine. The nature of SIGs is such that individuals may develop and found one based on any theme of interest to members of the medical student population. Our SIGs are divided into groups based on their topic.

Resources for Current SIG Leaders can be found here.

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Not sure which specialties you want to explore? Sign up for medical specialty SIG clusters.

These clusters are groups of related medical specialty SIGs. Students interested in a particular area of medicine who do not know which specialty they are most interested in should join a cluster for more exposure. SIG clusters also increase SIG visibility at all campuses and create more mentoring and collaboration opportunities between SIGs.

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List of Medical Specialty SIG Clusters

  1. Primary care and other: dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, medicine – pediatrics, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry
  2. Hospital-based: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, pathology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology
  3. Surgery: cardiothoracic and vascular, general, OB-GYN, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, otolaryngology, plastic, neuro, urology
Anesthesiology SIG (ASIG)
Cardiology SIG (CSIG)
Cardiothoracic Surgery SIG (CTSIG)
Dermatology SIG
Emergency Medicine SIG (EMSIG)
Family Medicine SIG (FMSIG)
Gastroenterology SIG (GISIG)
Geriatrics SIG (GeriSIG)
Internal Medicine SIG (IMSIG)
Interventional Radiology SIG (IRSIG)
Medical Genetics SIG
Med-Peds SIG
Neurology SIG (SIGN)
Neurosurgery SIG (NSSIG)
Oncology SIG
Opthamology SIG
Orthopedics SIG
Otolaryngology SIG (ENTSIG)
The Otolaryngology (ENT) SIG is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in otolaryngology. The ENT SIG is a great way for students to to learn more about otolaryngology and network with valuable professionals and resources. The ENT SIG also sponsors events to help third and fourth-year students prepare for residency applications and matches.

Pathology SIG
Pediatrics SIG
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PMR)
Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery SIG (PRSSIG)
Psychiatry SIG (PSYCH)
Radiology SIG (RadSIG)
Sports Medicine SIG
Surgery SIG
Transplant SIG
Urology SIG
Vascular Surgery SIG (VSIG)
American Medical Association (AMA)
American Medical Womens Association (AMWA)
Association of Womens Surgeons (AWS)
Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)
Medical Student for Choice (MSFC)
Student for a National Health Program (SNaHP)
Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Alliance at IUSM
Business of Medicine (BoMSIG)
Chess Team at IUSM
Child Advocacy SIG
Catholic Medical Association
Ethics at Lunch SIG
Global Health SIG (GHSIG)
Healthcare Advocacy
History of Medicine SIG
Integrative Medicine SIG (IGSIG)
Literature and Medicine SIG (LM SIG)
Medical Spanish-Society of Latinos (MSSL)
Military Medicine SIG
Physicians for Human Rights SIG (PHR)
Primary Care Progress SIG (PCPSIG)
Spirit of Medicine (SOM SIG)


The Spirit of Medicine SIG is a reading group – and much more! We are united by our goal of preserving human wholeness, or health. We have a broad interest; we consider the effects of illness and disability on well-being, but also the roles of social, spiritual, and cultural factors. We meet to discuss fundamental questions through the lens of literature: How do humans gain fulfillment? How do we suffer? What bearing do these issues have on us as human beings and future physicians? Above all, we enjoy discussing great works of fiction and non-fiction together over dinner in a friendly setting. All members of IU School of Medicine are welcome.

Executive BoardPresident: Nathan Lam
Vice President: Monica Cheug
Secretary: Tayina Hyppolite
Treasurer: Alex Farris
Liaison: Stefan Tarnawsky
Faculty Mentors: Richard Gunderman, MD, and Emily Beckman DMH

Schedule for 2018-2019:
September 4, 2018 Tuesday- David Foster Wallace- Good Old Neon and Good People (Short Story + Excerpt)
October 10, 2018 Wednesday- Joshua Foer- Moonwalking with Einstein
November 6, 2018 Tuesday- Anton Chekov- Short Stories
December 4, 2018 Tuesday- Kazuo Ishiguro- Never Let Me Go
January 8, 2019 Tuesday- Anne Fadiman- The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
February 5, 2019 Tuesday- Ursula Le Guin- The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (Short Story)
March 5, 2019 Tuesday- Otis Brawley, Paul Goldberg- How we do Harm
April 9, 2019 Tuesday- Jorge Luis Borges- Ficciones (Short Stories)
May 7, 2019 Tuesday- TBD

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Technology in Medicine (TIMSIG)
Wilderness SIG

Bloomington – AMA, IMSIG
Evansville – AMA, AMWA, EMSIG, Careers in Medicine SIG
Fort Wayne – AMA, Peds, EMSIG, Surgery
Lafayette – AMA, EMSIG, IMSIG
Muncie – AMA, AMWA
Northwest – AMA, SNMA, AMWA, HEAL (Hispanic education and awareness leadership society)
South Bend – AMWA, Minorities in Medicine group, Navarri SOC
Terre Haute – AMA, FMSIG, NeuroSIG, TH-SOC