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Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

Student Interest Groupss (SIGs) are registered organizations that are founded and led by students at Indiana University School of Medicine. The nature of SIGs is such that individuals may develop and found one based on any theme of interest to members of the medical student population. Our SIGs are divided into groups based on their topic.

Resources for Current SIG Leaders can be found here.

  • These clusters are groups of related medical specialty SIGs. Students interested in a particular area of medicine who do not know which specialty they are most interested in should join a cluster for more exposure. SIG clusters also increase SIG visibility at all campuses and create more mentoring and collaboration opportunities between SIGs.

    List of Medical Specialty SIG Clusters

    Primary care and other: dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, medicine – pediatrics, neurology, pediatrics, psychiatry
    Hospital-based: anesthesiology, emergency medicine, pathology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology
    Surgery: cardiothoracic and vascular, general, OB-GYN, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, otolaryngology, plastic, neuro, urology

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  • Bloomington – AMA, IMSIG
    Evansville – AMA, AMWA, EMSIG, Careers in Medicine SIG
    Fort Wayne – AMA, Peds, EMSIG, Surgery
    Lafayette – AMA, EMSIG, IMSIG
    Muncie – AMA, AMWA
    Northwest – AMA, SNMA, AMWA, HEAL (Hispanic education and awareness leadership society)
    South Bend – AMWA, Minorities in Medicine group, Navarri SOC
    Terre Haute – AMA, FMSIG, NeuroSIG, TH-SOC