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Best Practices for Requesting Event Money

  • Plan on spending approximately $5 per person for lunch and 8$ per person for dinner
  • For pizza: budget for 2 pieces of pizza per person (large pizza usually has 8 slices)
  • SIGs are capped at $500 of MSC funding per semester


Student leaders are encouraged to look at external grant sources and fundraising opportunities as well. Please note that certain university regulations may apply to certain types of fundraisers (e.g. raffles). If you have questions about this, please contact the MSC treasurer.

IUPUI Funding

Student groups or SIGs at the Indianapolis campus that are active Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) are eligible for funds through IUPUI. Learn more about IUPUI funding.

Regional Campus Funding

Requests for funding from the campus student activities funds should be made using the processes below. Depending on the request, students may be able to seek funding through the local university campus as well.

  • Contact(s): Dr. Beth Murray, faculty liaison to student committee
  • What is eligible: SIGs, social events, conferences, summer programs (if no stipend is offered) and student events (based on Dean’s discretion).
  • Policy: For more information, please read the guidelines.
  • Process: Email Beth Murray the fund request and keep receipts for reimbursement.
  • Contact(s): David Elkins, Evansville assistant director, finance and operations.
  • What is eligible: SIGs, social events and service projects.
  • Process:
    • A student activities funding committee (five students and lead advisor) outlines a budget.
    • Funding application will be approved/denied by the committee, then passed to David Elkins for final approval. The funds are refunded, or paid directly by IU School of Medicine-Evansville administration.
    • If you would like to propose a project, complete this form and submit it to the Service-Learning representative for your class.
Fort Wayne
  • Contact(s): Gina Bailey, Fort Wayne assistant director of program development.
  • What is eligible: Social events, SIGs, presentations, interprofessional events, service projects.
  • Process: Use form from Canvas/office, submit for approval to Gina.


Wellness Funding

To request Wellness Coalition funding, submit a request form.

  • Contact(s): Ila Verneman, Muncie administrative coordinator.
  • What is eligible: SIGs, committees, center upgrades and any activity that is available for all the students.
  • Process: Obtain a funding form from the Muncie administrative office and submit the form to the tech/activity committee (composed of students and a dean) for a vote of denial or approval.
  • Contact(s): Patrick W. Bankston, PhD, Northwest-Gary campus dean, or Dawn Ilgenfritz, director of operations and finance.
  • What is eligible: SIG meetings, travel for conferences and wellness events.
  • Process: Committee and SIGs create proposal with activities committee, proposals are discussed, if passed, requests go to Dawn and the dean.
South Bend
  • Contact(s): Mark. F. Fox, MD, PhD, MPH, South Bend campus director.
  • What is eligible: Service learning, student life, informal student skill workshops, intramural sports, College and House tailgate.
  • Process: An executive committee (Borger, Fox and class reps) approves of student requests of funds.
Terre Haute
West Lafayette
  • Contact(s): Natalie O’Neal, office secretary.
  • What is eligible: SIGs and service.
  • Process: The student in charge of organizing the event fills out a funding form, which is then turned into the Student Activities Committee (SAC). The SAC ensures that it meets the criteria in the SAC constitution and then votes on the proposed funding. If the SAC approves funding, the form is signed by the treasurer, who then turns the form over to Dr. Kreisle (campus director). If Dr. Kreisle agrees that the event meets requirements to be funded, she signs it and the event gets funded.

MSC Funding

Every student contributes to a mandatory general fee that can then be used for student activities and events to enrich the experience of medical school. Indianapolis campus student fees are routed through IUPUI first, which then allocates a given amount to MSC once each semester.

The total budget runs between $10,000–$12,000 per year. These funds are shared by more than 50 student groups, so funding requests should be submitted at least four weeks prior to desired use and costs should be minimized. SIGS should plan on spending no more than $500 each year.

If the funding request is approved, students must submit all the required materials within 48 hours of the event using this reimbursement form. Submit the hospitality form in the form of an excel document

Required Materials

  • An itemized invoice or itemized receipt showing proof of payment (cannot be a balance due statement).
  • Legal name, user id and the address the check should be mailed to (if a personal reimbursement) must be provided.
  • A copy of the approval email issued to the student group by the Treasurer of Medical Student Council

Funding Request Form

Overview – IUSM Approval process

The purpose of the co-curricular (i.e., events not part of a course) event request process is described on the IUSM Co-Curricular Event Request Form with further details described on the Co-Curricular Activities Guidance section of the IUSM Education Restart Committee. ALL in-person events must be approved through this process.

Overview – IU Approval Process

Events of 25 or more people (includes all attendees, including community members, vendors, faculty, etc) must also, in addition to the IUSM approval process, complete the IU Event Request Committee process, which requires CAS authentication. IU has an Events and Conference Guidance webpage to better outline the required criteria for authorized in-person events.

Overview – The IUPUI Student Activities Process (formerly “The Den”, now “The Spot”)

This process is required for all SIGs registered with IUPUI Student Activities online at who host an in-person event. It is required in addition to the IUSM process (required for all in-person events) and the IU process (required for events of 25 or more). Students must have IUSM approval first before IUPUI will approve the in-person event.


How to Host an In-Person Event

  1. Look over the rules for in-person events here and make sure your event follows these guidelines (food, outside/inside, masks, number of people, etc.)
  2. At least several weeks before, submit an IUSM Co-Curricular Event Request Form. ALL IUSM EVENTS ACROSS THE STATE MUST FILL THIS OUT REGARDLESS OF EVENT SIZE. You must fill this out even if you are partnering with another organization or advertising another organization’s event or recruiting volunteers for another organization’s event. 
  3. If your event is >25 people, also submit an IU Events Request Form. Guidelines for these events are here.
  4. If you are SIG registered on the Spot (The Den, IUPUI’s official group website), you ALSO need to register your event on the Spot located on the

Regional campuses – refer to regional campus leadership for specific additional forms for your campus. Still must fill out IUSM specific form in point 2 regardless.

Funding Request

  • Application Information

  • Email * Required
  • Have you applied for funding through Student Development Funding Committee? * Required
  • Have you fully read the funding guidelines on this page? * Required
  • Event/program Information

    Describe the event/program you are seeking funding for.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Expenses

    MANDATORY: In each line item include the expense description, quantity, cost per item, total cost, amount of requested funding from MSC.
  • Expenses * Required
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, csv, xlsx.