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MD Student Newsletter

The MD Student Newsletter is the primary means of communication with the student body.

  • The newsletter goes out on Mondays; weekly August – May and biweekly in June and July.
  • Use the MD Student News submission form to share your news, events and updates with the student body. Submissions are due the Wednesday prior to the issue publish date.

Official Calendar

Create an IU Group Email Account

  • Creating a group email account for official student organizations and committees is an easy way for multiple members to manage group communications and respond to inquiries. Additionally, creating an official group account with IU makes it easy to pass along the login information to new leadership, particularly when student leaders graduate. Request an IU group email account. NOTE: Make sure to request an account.

Social Media

  • As a representative of the school, be sure to maintain a high level of professionalism and be in compliance with HIPAA regulations on your personal or group accounts.
  • Want to share information on IU School of Medicine’s official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIN or Youtube pages? Contact Whitney Walker.

Print Flyers

  • Print flyers and signs can be an effective way to communicate with classmates. There are many places on each campus to hang print flyers. Be sure to comply with your campus’ posting rules.


  • MedTV is a communications mechanism on many IU School of Medicine’s campuses. Contact Whitney Walker to share information on MedTV.

SIG Communications Lists

  • Work with The Den to manage lists of your members. You may send emails directly to your members or reach the whole student body through the MD Student Newsletter.


JagNews is a way to communicate information to students both in the school medicine and within other schools and programs on IUPUI’s Indianapolis campus. Learn more and submit to JagNews.

Emergency Communications

  • Emergency communications may go out via the school listserv email systems. Contact Whitney Walker to share emergent communications.