Medical Student Service Group (MSSG)


Medical Student Service Group (MSSG) is a student-led group that fosters student leadership through engagement with community service learning experiences. MSSG provides opportunities for students to gain skills in leadership, peer mentoring and assessment while engaging with their community through service. MSSG works with IU School of Medicine student affairs service learning professionals to foster and develop strong community relationships.


Senior Co-Chair
Senior Co-Chair: Keerthana Mohankumar

  • Represent Medical Student Service Group; promote community engagement as well as service and volunteer programs and opportunities.
  • Call and lead Medical Student Service Group meetings.
  • Coordinate monthly meetings and communicate agenda item to Medical Student Service Group secretary.
  • Form appropriate subcommittees as needed.
  • Ensure statewide medical service learning partnerships and access to meetings and initiatives
  • Oversee selection process of new Medical Student Service Group board members.
  • Coordinate monthly Medical Student Service Group leadership meetings with IU School of Medicine student affairs staff.
Junior Co-Chair
Junior Co-Chairs: Nimisha Kumar and Elliott Yee

  • Share responsibilities with the senior chair, including representing the Medical Student Service Group in its affairs when the senior chairs are unavailable.
  • Work with other Medical Student Service Group board members and Student Affairs leadership to collect year-end project reflection information.
  • Assume the responsibility of co-chair after one year in office.
  • Fulfill the role of Vice President of Service as a voting member and representative for all medical student service groups within the Medical Student Council.
Current Treasurer: Jon Schmidt

  • Coordinate statewide¬†financial initiatives of interest to medical students when necessary.
  • Serve as a liaison between the Medical Student Service Group Work, the Student Affairs Team and service project leaders.
  • Present individual budget detail and funding guidelines annually to each project chair to ensure university and departmental policy and protocols are followed.
  • Complete an annual project correspondence acknowledging the above information.
Current Treasurer: Ashleigh Bush

  • Communicate Medical Student Service Group service programs and opportunities statewide.
  • Work with the senior chair to create a monthly meeting agenda.
  • Record and present Medical Student Service Group meeting minutes.
  • Publicize each upcoming meeting.
  • Work with the Student Affairs office and junior co-chair to maintain and update Medical Student Service Group electronic materials and rosters. This shall include but is not limited to uploading monthly meeting minutes, updating annual membership and contact information.
  • Notify council members of any change in the status of their voting privileges.