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Pen Pal Program

Medical Student Council (MSC) wants to make sure that all students get personalized care and maintain connections across the nine campuses. To do this, MSC created the Pen Pal Program that helps students make friends on their home campus as well as at other campuses across the state.


By joining the Pen Pal program, you can stay in the loop of what is happening across the state and learn about others’ experiences. The Pen Pal Program relationship is open-ended; it can be used to send words of encouragement, share study material recommendations and more. If you sign up for this opportunity you will be matched with someone at a different campus. The only information that will be shared with your assigned pen pal is your name, campus and email (if a good relationship is established, you can share more information such as your phone number).

Learn More

Contact Amani Karim about any questions regarding the program.