Medical Student Council (MSC) Executive Board

Medical Student Council’s Executive Board serves as the direct liaison between the statewide medical student body and the Office of Medical Student Education (MSE).

General Information

Students on the MSC Executives Board are voting members of the MSC. Each executive is elected to serve a one-year term. The executives attend at least three meetings per month: the monthly MSC general meeting, an Executive Board meeting and a Deans meeting. Executives may be called upon to represent the student body at additional meetings and events. Generally, meetings are not held during the summer months or in December.

Any medical student in good standing can run for an MSC executive position. However, the demands of the job typically require an extensive knowledge of the infrastructure of both student government and IU School of Medicine. All interested candidates are encouraged to attend a few MSC general meetings prior to running. Please read below for the particular nuances of each position.
Elections and Transition

Candidates must submit a platform for consideration two weeks prior to the day of election. Any IU School of Medicine student can attend the election meeting and voice his or her opinion about the candidates, although only MSC voting members can vote. On the day of the election, the MSC president will open up each position for election sequentially from president onwards. All candidates for each office will have five minutes to speak on their qualifications and two minutes for questions. Afterward, the voting members make their decision and vote by instant runoff.

Should a class officer or center representative decide to run for an MSC position, he or she must be willing to step down from their current voting position. All students elected to the Executive Board undergo a transition and orientation by outgoing executives.

Current MSC Executive Board and Responsibilities

2018 MSC President, Julie Bittar

President: Julie Bittar

Additional Eligibility Requirements
Although not required, the most qualified candidates are:

  • A Phase 1 Year 2 or Phase 2 student at the time of election
  • Previously an MSC Executive, class officer or center rep


  • Represent the MSC in all its affairs
  • Serve as the primary liaison between the student body and IU School of Medicine Office of Medical Student Education (MSE)
  • Form ad hoc committees
  • Call and preside at MSC meetings
  • Formulate an agenda for MSC meetings
  • Oversee all MSC Executive Council Officer elections
  • Have oversight of MSC members, both elected and appointed
  • Coordinate the monthly Student Leadership/Deans meeting
  • Serve on the Campus Appeals Committee
  • Serve on the Data Survey and Vetting Committee
  • Aid the other MSC Executives in MSC business

Additional Meetings

  • Monthly meetings with the class presidents and an Office of Medical Student Education student affairs dean
Vice President of Leadership

Secretary, Rebecca Richardson

Vice President of Leadership: Rebecca Richardson

Additional Eligibility Requirements
Although not required, the most qualified candidates are:

  • A Phase 1 Year 2 or Phase 2 student at the time of election


  • Share responsibilities with the president, including representing MSC in its affairs when the president is unavailable
  • Preside at MSC meetings in the absence of the president
  • Oversee and monitor the class officers, house reps and college leaders
  • Plan and develop Leadership Day in conjunction with the IU School of Medicine Events Coordinator and the IU School of Medicine Alumni Organization
  • Develop a half-day or shorter event for newly elected MSC class leaders to orient students to the responsibilities, communication expectations and leadership expectations of their position
  • Carry out class elections using an MSC-approved account
  • Continue to build upon opportunities for student leadership collaboration with other professional schools
  • Aid the other MSC executives in MSC business
Vice President of Committee Affairs

Vice President of Committee Affairs: Rebekah Roll


  • Plan and Execute the annual MSC Interview Day for both the spring and fall semesters
  • Oversee and manage all IU School of Medicine committees, including MSC-appointed, MSE-appointed, Dean-appointed, Wellness and PMC Committees
  • Outline committee descriptions and responsibilities and keep information updated on the MSC website
  • Ensure all committees are following proper reporting protocols to ensure MSC is updated on all current proposals and policy decisions
  • Aid the other MSC executives in MSC business

Additional Meetings

  • Attend IUPUI Registered Student Organization governance meetings if the treasurer is unable to attend
Vice President of Statewide Affairs

Vice President of Statewide Affairs, Vanni Rodriguez

Vice President of Statewide Affairs: Vanni Rodriguez


  • Work with and oversee the activities of the MSC-recognized Student Interest Groups (SIGs) and statewide “super SIGs”
  • Conduct the annual SIG Orientation, to be held in the early summer
  • Maintain general SIG records, passwords and activities
  • Chair the SIG Accountability Committee
  • Coordinate the SIG approval process
  • Aid the other MSC executives in MSC business

Additional Meetings

  • Organize and preside over monthly College & House meetings with the college leaders

Justin Rice, MSC Secretary 2019-2020

Treasurer: Justin Rice

Additional Eligibility Requirements

  • Treasurer must be based in Indianapolis


  • Audit and balance MSC finances
  • Chair the Indianapolis Student Activities Fund Committee
  • Coordinate statewide funding committees to maintain communication about funding opportunities at each campus
  • Maintain Registered Student Organization status with IUPUI and continuously update MSC student groups on IU School of Medicine and IUPUI policy changes
  • Create a semesterly budget for the upcoming semester MSC funds. This budget must be voted on and approved once each semester at an MSC General Meeting by a majority of present MSC Voting Members. At the time of each vote, a current count and report of all MSC finances must also be given.
    • For the fall semester budget (July 1 – December 31), this vote will occur in August
    • For the spring semester budget (January 1 – June 30), this vote will occur in January
    • Aid the other MSC executives in MSC business.

Additional Meetings

  • Attend IUPUI Registered Student Organization governance meetings

Megan Chiu, MSC Secretary 2019-2020

Secretary: Megan Chiu


  • Record the live minutes of the MSC meetings
  • Publicize the agenda for each upcoming council meeting
  • Maintain an updated MSC roster consisting of the names and email addresses of council members, committee representatives and representatives of all recognized medical student organizations
  • Supervise the maintenance and updating of MSC electronic materials. This shall include, but is not limited to, uploading monthly meeting minutes, updating annual membership and contact information, updating student organization lists and contact information, and the MSC blog/newsletter
  • Notify council members of any change in the status of their voting privileges
  • Oversee the use of Daly bulletin board space
  • Aid the other MSC executives in MSC business

Additional Meetings

  • Any meeting where minutes are needed (see other positions)

Student Officers and Representatives

These leadership roles ensure student voices from all campuses and class years are represented.

Class Officers

Class officers represent their class for all four years of study at IU School of Medicine.

Class Year President Vice President Treasurer
2019 Kishan Shah Lauren Ford Carynn Koch
2020 Zain Abedali Blessing Ogbemudia Innocent Byiringiro
2021 Gabe Gerena Amit Nag Chirag Patel
2022 Haider Al-Awadi Andrea Gonzalez Lauren Pitz


House (Campus) Representatives

As a part of the College and House integration with MSC, the House (Campus) Representatives are elected by the student body present at their respective campus. There is at least one representative per campus for each phase. Representatives help organize social, volunteer and wellness activities for their College and House. House representatives are elected before the beginning of each new phase.

CampusPhase 1 Year 1Phase 1 Year 2Phase 2Phase 3
BloomingtonDylan Stoltz
Sean Buehler
Jonathan Wheeler
Michael Wiley
Grant Callen
Zoe Saenz
EvansvilleLivia HopperCharlie Matias
Chris Jenks
Maria Anderson
Michael Pergola
Fort WayneJorge FiguerasJarrett Campbell
Michaela Campbell
Daniel Romano
Alexandra Johnson
IndianapolisStephanie Asdell
Amani Karim
Nathanael Rollison
Mariel Luna Hinojosa
Morgan Sandelski
Cynthia Abam
MuncieAdam VossKaela Miller
Mackensey Saxton
Zach Arnold
Northwest-GaryChiamara Anokwute
Bill Trimoski
Phoebus Sun Cao
Jaclyn O’Connell
Niko Galouzis
Rob Painter
South BendNatalie Mark
John Stilson
Abe Leiser
Julia Kovalenko
Joe Lake
Patrick Wurster
Terre HauteBrycen Ratcliffe
Colton Junod
Diane Choi
Joey Herbert
Dylan Rupska
Jessica Muldoon
West LafayetteChevvy Singh
Priyanka Ghosh
Guadalupe Jimenez
Kendal Weger
Steve Godfrey
Sofia Bertoloni Mel