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Alpha Omega Alpha

National Chapter

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is a medical honors society that was founded in 1902. The society recognizes, advocates for, and inspires physicians in the care of patients and the promotion of health. Members may be elected throughout their career and epitomize professionalism, leadership, academic and clinical excellence, research, community service, and “being worthy to serve the suffering.” The medical community has long recognized Alpha Omega Alpha as the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medicine.

IU School of Medicine Chapter

Initiated in 1916, the Alpha Omega Alpha of Indiana Chapter at Indiana University School of Medicine is proud to actively uphold the mission of the national organization by organizing events within the school as well as organizing outreach to the broader community. 

  • Recognizing high educational achievement
  • Honoring gifted teaching
  • Encouraging the development of leaders in academia and the community
  • Supporting the ideals of humanism
  • Promoting service to others

Faculty President – Sarah A. Tieman, MD

Faculty Councilor – Richard B. Gunderman, MD, PhD

Student President – Kyle Hardacker

Student Secretary – Joseph Thomas

IU School of Medicine Outreach

Within the school, AOA sponsors a booth at the orientation for incoming first-year students. AOA also co-sponsors a creative-works competition for the Finding Inspiration and Resilience in Medicine (FIRM) conference in coordination with the FIRM conference community and Gold Humanism Honor Society.

Mentorship events guide first through fourth-year students through the challenges of medical school:

  • Welcome to Medical School panel for first-year students
  • Step 1 prep panel for second-year students
  • Panels to guide third-year and fourth-year students through clerkships and applying to residency

Community Outreach: Medical Day

Within the larger community, one of the largest undertakings includes planning Medical Day, an event designed to show undergraduates from all over Indiana what life as a medical student is like. The event debuted at the Indianapolis campus with more than 100 undergraduates in attendance. More recently in September 2018, the second Medical Day was hosted at the Bloomington campus.


Election to Alpha Omega Alpha is an honor representing a lasting commitment to professionalism, leadership, scholarship, research, and community service. Membership is a lifelong honor that confers recognition for a physician’s dedication to the profession and art of healing.

Criteria for selection

Scholastic achievement should be the primary but not sole basis for election of a student. Leadership capabilities, ethical standards, fairness in dealing with colleagues, potential for achievement in medicine and a record of service to the school and community at large should be criteria in addition to the academic record. These additional attributes will be weighted in the selection process by policies established within each chapter.

Nomination Process

New nomination process: Starting in 2019, the IU School of Medicine chapter of AOA will select students at the end of Phase 2, based upon Step 1 scores and clerkship grades, as well as excellence in service, ethics, leadership, research and creative activities. Once the Phase 2 clerkship grades are finalized in mid-May, students eligible based on Step 1 scores and and clerkship grades will receive an invitation to submit supplementary materials.

Why the change? In the past, roughly a quarter of AOA members were chosen at the beginning of third year to be inducted as “Junior AOA” members, with the remainder selected at the beginning of fourth year. Because the school adopted a Pass/Fail only grading system for all of Phase 1, students are no longer ranked after completing Phase 1, a key eligibility criterion for election to AOA.

Alpha Omega Alpha Inductees


Class of 2019
  • Martin J. Barrio
  • Danielle A. Bly
  • Donald R. Brake
  • Aaron J. Clark
  • Jared W. Clouse
  • Shelby P. Cooke
  • Elizabeth G. Curtis
  • Caitlin N. Delong
  • Ryan S. DesCamp
  • Julian E. Dilley
  • Gabrielle-Eugénie Duprat
  • Donna M. Edwards
  • Morgan J. Farley
  • Samantha L. Freije
  • Rajalakshmi Govalan
  • Ryan Graham
  • Jacob Carlos Earl Grant
  • Andrew S. Gudeman
  • Duhah A. Hamayel
  • Mark A. Heimberger
  • Brendan J. Knapp
  • Katherine E. Krause
  • Lauren H. Kus
  • Carly Marshall
  • Morgan N. McLuckey
  • Brandon D. Muckley
  • David B. Mullen
  • Savannah Paffen
  • Henna Patel
  • Janaki M. Patel
  • Rachel E. Pratt
  • Nicholas S. Race
  • Zachary P. Rokop
  • Katherine A. Scheidler
  • Elizabeth A. Schueth
  • Braden M. Sciarra
  • Deborah Olmstead Setter
  • Aaditya Shah
  • Kishan M. Shah
  • Laryn K. Steadman
  • Ethan M. Steele
  • Benjamin D. Stivers
  • Justin Woods
  • Derrick Wu
Class of 2019 Elected as Juniors
  • Allison M. Crone
  • Alexander J. Elias
  • McKenna Furgurson
  • Christopher E. Goyne
  • Kyle Hardacker
  • Jason Hoard
  • Ryan Louer
  • Lauren M. Schmidt
  • Adam Z. Stepanovic
  • Michael Stolarczyk
  • Joseph C. Thomas
  • Jessica Wehr
  • Emily Wichern
  • Austin E. Wininger
  • David I. Zimmer
  • Bradley L. Allen, MD – Medicine
  • Brian A. McFerron, MD – Pediatrics
  • Sharon M. Moe, MD – Medicine
  • Courtney M. Rowan, MD – Pediatrics
  • Jonathan Y. Ting, MD – Otolaryngology
  • Nicholas J. Zyromski, MD – Surgery
  • Ashley Arnoldi, MD – Pediatrics
  • Bradford Kim, MD – General  Surgery
  • Matthew S. Makowski, MD – Medicine
  • Stefan Malin, MD – Pediatrics
  • Derek C. Pinkerton, MD – Med/Peds
  • Cyrus C. Rabbani, MD – Otolaryngology
  • Jared R. Shields, MD – Radiology
  • Elaine G. Cox, MD – Pediatrics
  • Kara K. Wools-Kaloustian, MD – Medicine

Note: This Chapter of AOA does not represent IU School of Medicine and is not directly affiliated with the school.