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Spirit of Medicine (SOM SIG)


The school of medicine’s literary club! Come join us to enjoy fiction, poetry, non fiction, and a variety of other media!

Medicine deals not only with the human body but also with the human spirit, and excelling as a physician frequently requires knowledge, experience, and skill in both domains.  The Spirit of Medicine SIG will hold monthly meetings to discuss seminal readings .  The ultimate goal is to provide greater awareness of spiritual and literary themes for students and to show the impact that the humanities can have on individuals in society as well as the relevance these themes may have in future clinical practice, regardless of specialty.


Krishnan, Maya Shraddha. President/reservationist.
Aksu, Eric. VP/treasurer.
Duke, Zane. Secretary/risk management.

Spirit of Medicine logo. A tree with a leaf sprouting on each side at the top. There's two snakes interwined down the trunk. Bottom text: "Spirit of Medicine SIG"