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Psychiatry SIG (PSYCH)


The purpose of this registered student organization is to provide information and coordinate events to stimulate an interest in psychiatry for students by helping them decide if a career in psychiatry is right for them, and providing an opportunity for networking and sharing practical information about preparing for, applying for, and interviewing for psychiatry residency.


Position First Name Last Name Email Graduation Year
Co-President Olivia  Murray 2028
Co-President Hannah Kline 2024
Events Manager/


Raizel  Frasier 2026
Wellness Liaison Jack  Lawhorn 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Vickie  Cook 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Layo  Fatola 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Brie  Mahnke 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Aditya  Phadnis 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Jenny  Teeling 2024
SOC Clinic Manager Jonathan  Harris 2026
SOC Clinic Manager Elise  Gasaway 2026
SOC Clinic Manager Naari  Jeong 2024


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