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Latino Medical Student Association


The purpose of this registered student organization is to unite, empower and advocate for the health of Latinx medical students, and the Latinx community of Indiana, by providing mentorship, creating and participating in community service opportunities, furthering the education and elevating the voices that advocate for the rights of all under represented. Our goal is to create an environment of cooperation and camaraderie, with the intension of promoting the inclusion of Latinx in the healthcare field and the creation of a new generation of visionary leaders.


President Doriann  Alcaide  2024
VP Samuel  Gutierrez 2025
Treasurer Maria  Florentin 2026
Secretary Genesis Ferrante 2025
Campus Rep Claudia Rodriguez 2026
Mentoring Chair  Liliana Patiño 2026
Community Chair  Ashley  Alvaro 2026
Blue colored circular logo. Medical symbol with snake and pole in middle. Letters around the circle. "Latino Medical Student Association LMSA"


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