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Euchre SIG


Euchre SIG is a chance for medical students to take a break from studying and play Indiana’s favorite card game. We plan to host several Euchre tournaments throughout the year and offer prizes. We also will be organizing sessions where beginners can learn how to play Euchre, and where advanced players can learn how to play 3, 5, and 6-handed Euchre. While Euchre is the main card game, we will also host general card game events where students can play poker, hearts, rummy, trivia, chess, etc.


President Wes Boland 2024
VP Ali Farhat 2024
Treasurer Jake  Schmidt 2023
Secretary Willa Sasso 2024
Risk Manager Justin Stiles 2022
Logo with IU and four playing card suits (heart, club, spade, diamond) and words: "Euchre Club"


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