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Summer Program 2022 Archive

The 2022 IMPRS Summer Research Program was a SUCCESS!  At the end of the summer program, IUSM medical students showcased their projects in person at the IMPRS 2022 Research Symposium on July 28 and 29, 2022 in Indianapolis, IN. Students from all nine IUSM campuses presented in the areas of laboratory, translational and clinical research, community engagement, education and health outcomes.  Every participant’s abstract, poster PDF, and video recording of their presentation were evaluated by faculty judges. Below are the recipients (in alphabetical order) who have received specific scholarships, awards and recognitions for their research. Congratulations to all the IUSM students who participated in the 2022 IMPRS Summer Research Program and thank you to all the faculty mentors who participated as mentors and reviewers. 

2022 IMPRS Scholarship and Award Recipients 

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last NameIMPRS Faculty MentorProject TitleAward
JonathanArnoldMike Sturek, PhDDesign Improvement and Deployment Efficacy of Novel 3D-Printed Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds in Coronary Artery AtherosclerosisHazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
AustinDardenMichael Meneghini, MDThe Effect of Large Femoral Heads and Acetabular Cup Position on PROMs after Modern Posterior Approach THAGeneral Excellence Award 
KatrinaFliotosDavid Sowden, MDCreating a patient registry for Parkview vein clinicHazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
KéyanaFosterCharles Yates, MDEPHA2 is a potential target for the treatment of NF2-/-Vestibular SchwannomaMarvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship
MichaelHappeAmir Hajrasouliha, MDClinical Features Distinguishing Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Using Artificial IntelligenceNIH NEI-T35 Award 
EmilyHeldmanKen Kesler, MD and Pat Loehrer, MDHistologic Diversity of Thymic Epithelial Tumors in Patients with Myasthenia GravisWilliam H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship  
QuinnKaurichNiranjan Awasthi, PhDTargeted Inhibition of the HGF/c-met Pathway by Merestinib Augments the effects of Albumin-bound Paclitaxel in Gastric CancerWilliam H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship  
AlexandraLaShellNancy Glober, MDMixed Methods Analysis of Patient Utilization and Trust of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) General Excellence Award 
ClaudiaLiNicole Fowler, PhDThe Relationship Between Loneliness and Quality of Life in Older AdultsGeneral Excellence Award 
ReidMastersonJerry Kovoor, MDMechanical Thrombectomy Outcome in COVID-19 ThrombosisThe Phillip A. Hoskins Foundation
JessicaMillerJoan Cook-Mills, PhDProtease-Activated-Receptors 1 and 2 Antagonists Block the  Initiation of Food Allergy NIH NHLBI-T35 Award 
JasmineMoawadRick Nelson, MD, PhDTmprss3 deficiency does not affect auditory neuron differentiation: Implications for cochlear implantationClaude Smith Black, MD, Award for Outstanding Work in Research 
NoahNisenMargaret Schwarz, MD One-Carbon Metabolism, a Nutrient Dependent Mediator of Angiogenesis and Alveolar Formation in the Developing LungHazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship
SydnyeNosbuschJonathan Guerrero, PharmD and Baraka Muvuka, PhD, MPHRelationships Between Health Behaviors, Social Determinants of Health, and Patient Demographics in an Urban Northwest Indiana HospitalGeneral Excellence Award 
PayalPatelDon B Sanders, MD and James Chmiel, MDImmunoreactive Trypsinogen Levels in Infants Born to Women with Cystic Fibrosis Taking Elexacaftor-Tezacaftor-IvacaftorGeneral Excellence Award 
SavannahPhippsHarikrishna Nakshatri, MDEvaluating the Effects of Targeted Drug Therapies for 8q24.3 Amplified Breast CancerNIH NHLBI-T35 Award 
SarahSpivakHarikrishna Nakshatri, MDA Cancer Cell’s Toolbox for Conquering Other Organs: Discovering and Combating the Secretome of a Metastasis Capable Cancer CellNIH NHLBI-T35 Award 
KennedyStollElliot Androphy, PhDCharacterization of a conserved cysteine residue in the papillomavirus E2 proteinNIH NHLBI-T35 Award 
GloriaXueMatt Turner, MD, PhDSpatial Transcriptomic Profiling of Cutaneous Melanoma ProgressionWilliam H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship  
AnastasiyaYakovlyevaDeb Litzelman, MDRacial disparities in a community-based addiction reduction (CARE) program for women of reproduction age with substance use disorderGeneral Excellence Award 
AngelaZhaoJui-Hung Jimmy Yen, PhD, MSTherapeutic Effects of Benzoylacetonitrile on Microglia Activation in Multiple SclerosisGeneral Excellence Award 

2022 IMPRS Presentation Award Finalist 

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last NameIMPRS Faculty MentorProject TitleAward
AilishCornwellMary Ott, MDThe reach, implementation, and effectiveness of virtual sex education for foster care youth2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
CarliKingBrownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MSChallenges of Recruitment of Diverse Populations in Clinical Research2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
LouisLaniakKen Kesler, MD and Pat Loehrer, MDTrends in Metastases of Stage IV Thymic Epithelial Tumors2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
LiamMungcalKathleen Unroe, MDImproving Family and Surrogate Research Engagement in Nursing Homes2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
KeeganRiggsUma Sankar, PhDInhibition of CaMKK2 Decreases Progression of Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
PaulSmithMartha Rodriguez, MDEpidemiology of Pediatric Uveitis in Indiana2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
HannahWittingBrownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MSChallenges of Recruitment of Diverse Populations in Clinical Research2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award
BriceWuthrichKen Kesler, MD and Pat Loehrer, MDEvaluation of Chemotherapeutic Outcomes for Thymic Carcinoma Patients2022 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award

2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last NameIMPRS Faculty MentorProject TitleAward
SunjayAnekalMichael Murphy, MDInduced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Promote Muscle Fiber Regeneration in a Diabetic Mouse Model of Critical Limb Threatening Ischemia2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
LarryChenMelissa Kacena, PhD, MSValidation of the Modified Radiographic Union Score for Tibia Fractures (mRUST) in Female Murine Femoral Fractures2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
StephanieDiazAl Hassanein, MDIntravital Microscopy Optimization for Murine Tail Lymphedema Model2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
SarahDohertyKara Garcia, PhDChanges in Cortical Composition during Gyrification in the Developing Brain2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
NicoleJansenMatt Allen, PhDContinuous Parathyroid Hormone Treatment Improves Bone Formation Rate in Parathyroidectomized Rats 2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
AlexisMachaBabar Khan, MD and Sikandar Khan, MS, DOAngiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor and Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Use and ICU Delirium Incidence2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
VictoriaMartineDimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBSDoes Intraesophageal Bougie Use Prevent Post-operative Dysphagia in Laparoscopic  Nissen Fundoplication?2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
PreciousOkoruwaKathi Ridley-Merriweather, MAGrounded Practical Theory Analysis of Patient-Provider Communication with Black Women Participating in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials 2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
LeahPeipertJames Kraatz, MDComplications in Burn Patients Following Fluid Over-Resuscitation2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
TaylorPrechtelDan Spandau, MS, PhDThe Role of the Integrated Stress Response in the Biologic Response of Keratinocytes to UVB Exposure2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
IbrahimRehmanMichael Schulte, PhDDevelopment of PET Tracers of Glutamine Metabolism2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
RaymondSmithSandra McCabe, MDOutcomes of Arterial and Caval Resection During Post-Chemotherapy Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection in Metastatic Testicular Cancer2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
MarissaVander MissenJen Baenziger, MD Husisha: Training peer-counselors in adolescent problem-solving therapy in Eldoret, Kenya: Implementation, adaptation, and outcomes2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
KailahYoungReuben Kapur, PhDTargeting Arg-1 and PD-L1 in M2-Tumor Associated Macrophages Impairs Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) Cell Proliferation and Migration2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
Adam ZhuangHiroki Yokata, PhDThe inhibition of pancreatic cancer progression by PI3K-activated MSC proteomes2022 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention