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Summer Program 2021 Archive

The 2021 IMPRS Summer Research Program for rising second year medical students was a SUCCESS!  At the end of the summer program, IUSM medical students showcased their projects at the 2nd Annual Virtual IMPRS Poster Symposium on July 29. Students from all nine IUSM campuses presented in the areas of laboratory, translational and clinical research, community engagement, education and health outcomes.  Two faculty judges then evaluated every participant’s abstract, poster PDF, and video recording of their presentation. Below are the recipients who have received specific scholarships, awards and recognitions. Congratulations to all the IUSM students who participated in the 2021 IMPRS Summer Research Program and virtual poster sessions. 

2021 IMPRS Scholarship and Award Recipients

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last NameMPRS Faculty MentorProject TitleAward
Amritdev PariharMichael Meneghini, MDInstability in Patients with Lumbar Spine Disease or Fusion Undergoing Posterior Approach vs. Lateral Approach Primary Total Hip ArthroplastyClaude Smith Black, MD, Award for Outstanding Work in Research 
DominiqueKetsoglouBryan Schneider, MDPassage Number Impacts the Heterogeneity of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neuron CulturesBuckner Family Scholarship 
TaylorLusterTodd McKinley, MDImmunologic Responses to Hemorrhagic Shock in Blunt Trauma PatientsBuckner Family Scholarship 
Maggie HolohanMargaret Schwarz, MDThe Effect of Testosterone on Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension Pathogenesis through Histone AcetylationBuckner Family Scholarship 
BenjaminJohnsonTeresa A. Zimmers, PhDPotential Role of CD14 in Liver Regeneration Induced Muscle WastingBuckner Family Scholarship 
SydneyClarkCraig Goergen, PhDNon-Invasive Myocardial Infarction Ischemic Area Estimation Through Four-Dimensional UltrasoundHazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship 
Nida KhanJill Connors, MDRecruitment and Retention in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research on Low-Risk Chest Pain and Anxiety Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship 
Katelyn PickerellReuben Kapur, PhDInhibition of Transcription Regulator c-Mycas a Novel Therapeutic Option in Myeloid LeukemiasWilliam H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship 
DanielGreenAmy Han, PhDRetrospective analysis of COVID 19 impact on breast cancer screening in northwest indianaWilliam H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship 
SaraHardmanMary Ott, MDAdolescent/Young Adult Hematology/Oncology Patient and Parent Attitudes Toward AYA COVID VaccinationMarvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship 
TaruniPandhiriReuben Kapur, PhDObesity-Induced Inflammation Cooperates with Loss of DNA Methyltransferase 3A to Develop Early-Onset of Leukemia Marvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship 
JayChopraCharline Boente, MDComparing Recurrence and Retreatment of Three Doses of Bevacizumab in Treating Severe Retinopathy of PrematurityNEI-T35 Award
RyanMillerTasneem Sharma, PhDNeuroprotective Role of Human Neuritin 1 on Axotomized Human Eyes Pressurized Using the Translaminar Autonomous SystemNEI-T35 Award
Eugene LeeSikandar Khan, MS, DOChanges in Inflammatory Biomarkers and Delirium Duration and Severity in the ICUNHLBI-T35 Award
NicholasHuxMelissa Kacena, PhDMAK122: A Novel Drug Utilizing Innovative Fracture Site Targeting Technology to Improve Bone Healing NHLBI-T35 Award
KatherineSchaeferDaniel Clark, PhDAre age-related biomarkers of dementia risk accelerated by low educational attainment?NHLBI-T35 Award
MichaelMcGillYu-Chien Wu, MD, PhD, ABMPWhite Matter Tract Neuroimaging and Serum Biomarker Analysis in Sports-related Concussion The Phillip A. Hoskins Foundation

2021 IMPRS Presentation Award Finalist

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last Name
IMPRS Faculty Mentor
Project TitleAward
NicholasThelenAnne Gingery, PhDThe Role of Cellular Senescence in Musculoskeletal Pathology2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
Samuel ZikeMelissa Kacena, PhDThe Effects of TMP Treatment and High Fat Diet on Bone Fracture Healing2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
Alan TrinhDeva Chan, PhD and Doug Brubaker, PhDModelling Bacterial Metabolite Regulation of Vaginal Epithelial Cell Signaling in BVD2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
ColeMooreTarek Ashkar, MDOxidative DNA Damage in Tamoxifen Injected THPfl/+ ROSACre/+ Mice2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
RabiahAmjadLouis Cantor, MDA 12-Month Retrospective Comparison of the Efficacy and Complications of Device-Based and Non-Device-Based MIGS Procedures2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
EthanCornwellLeonard Buller, MD and Michael Meneghini, MDThe Influence of Medial Collateral Ligament and Lateral Collateral Ligament Pie Crusting in Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty on Patient Reported Outcomes2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
Melody WickstromAmerico Lopez-Yglesias, PhDDefining the location of T-bet-expressing myeloid cells during acute intestinal infection with Toxoplasma gondii2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award 
Benjamin ObandoBurcin Ekser, MD, PhD and Ping Li, PhDRegulation of Human NK Cell Function by Expression of HLA Class I Molecules in Pig Endothelial Cells2021 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award

2021 IMPRS Presentation: Honorable Mention

Student’s First NameStudent’s Last Name
IMPRS Faculty Mentor
Project TitleAward
JennaJonesRoman Natoli, MD, PhDTreatment of FRI After Intramedullary Nailing of Tibia Fractures: Assessment of Nail Retention and Nail Removal2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
Kadija KanuJean Molleston, MDRacial and Ethnic Variations in Mortality Associated with Common Pediatric Gastrointestinal Disorders in Children’s Hospitals in the US2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
AndrejSikoskiMatt Turner, MD, PhDLocalization of IL-1α Responsive Dermal Populations in an Ex Vivo Human Model of Wound Healing2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
ShannenSharpeKenn Dunn, PhDForeign Body Response and Intravital Microscopy on AIW in Mice2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
MichaelSmithMatt Landman, MDAntifactor Xa Levels in Pediatric Trauma Patients2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
VictoriaRoneKara Garcia, PhDCommunity Workforce Differences in Mental Health Across Gender and Job Description in Southwest Indiana2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
BrandonKimesThein Zhu, MDCommunity Based Study on Hip Fractures in a Rural Area in Northeast Indiana2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
ReidHerranWilliam Kronenberger, PhDSpeed of Information Processing and Working Memory in Children with Cochlear Implants2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
NicholasNguyenStephen Schlecht, PhDMineralized Tissue Changes Within the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Entheses Following a Tear2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
NikhilTewariMelissa Kacena, PhDOsteal Macrophages and Megakaryocytes Increase Adipogenesis2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
GrantTomlinJacqueline Linnes, PhDPigs in a Blanket: Evaluation of a Novel Device to Support Premature Neonatal Thermal Regulation2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
OliviaCarltonSharon Moe, MDEffect of Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD) Therapies on the Gastrointestinal Expression of Phosphate Transporters2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
AlexandreaGottfriedNiki Messmore, MSIncreasing effectiveness of cultural competency and trauma informed training in medical students2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
AadarshPatelAl Hassanein, MDUsing Lyve1-Cre+ Mice to Visualize Lymphatics for Laser Capture Microdissection2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention
ErikaRobertsonJessica Kanis, MDChild Abuse Screening in the Emergency Department Before and After Implementation of a Formal Screening Tool2021 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention