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Summer Program 2020 Archive

The 2020 IMPRS Summer Research Program for first-year medical students was a SUCCESS!  COVID-19 did not affect the ability for the program or mentors to provide meaningful research and scholarship experiences. Even if most projects were done remotely, they added value and brought the best out of the IUSM medical students.  At the end of the summer program, 225 projects were showcased at the first ever Virtual IMPRS Poster Symposium on July 31. Students from all nine IUSM campuses presented in the areas of laboratory, translational and clinical research, community engagement, education and health outcomes.  Two faculty judges then evaluated every participant’s abstract, poster PDF, and video recording of their presentation. Below are the recipients who have received specific scholarships, awards and recognitions. Congratulations to all the IUSM students who participated in the 2020 IMPRS Summer Research Program and virtual poster sessions.  Best wishes to them as they continue with their medical education.

2020 IMPRS Scholarship and Award Recipients

Student’s First Name

Student’s Last Name

IMPRS Faculty Mentor

Poster Title




Teresa Bell

Assessing follow-up care compliance in children hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries

Claude Smith Black, MD, Award for Outstanding Work in Research



Rupa Radhakrishnan

Decreased brain volumes in infants with prenatal opioid exposure

Buckner Family Scholarship



Clement Ren

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Cystic Fibrosis Pulmonary Exacerbations

Buckner Family Scholarship



Tatiana Kostrominova

Exploratory Analysis of COVID-19 Case Demographics in Gary, Indiana

Buckner Family Scholarship



Michael Meneghini

Incidence of Femoral Stem Subsidence Following Aseptic Hip Revision Using Tapered, Fluted Titanium Stems

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Michael Murphy

Autologous stem cell therapy to improve amputation-free survival, quality of life ratings,a nd reduce opioid requirements for patients with no-option, critical limb-threatening inschemia

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Kathy Ridley-Merriweather

Novel Participatory Methodologies for Identifying Motivations of Minority Women to Participate in a Breast Cancer Clinical Trial

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Joan Cook-Mills

The Role of PAR1 in Food Allergy Development

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Harikrishna Nakshatri

Modeling Interplay Between Cell-of-Origin and Oncogenes in BRCA-Mutated Breast Cancers

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Tim Lautenschlaeger

Non-germline cell free DNA in urine – Using a transrenal HPV DNA urine assay as a basis for patient-centered at-home monitoring of HPV-positive non-metastatic oropharyngeal cancer

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Catherine Sears

Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: A Single Center, Retrospective Study in Central Indiana

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Andrea Bonetto

The Association of Cachexia with Head and Neck Cancer Burden and Pathologic Features

William H. and Fern L. Hardiman Scholarship



Joseph McCollom

Can cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) intervention in patients diagnosed with stage 3/4 gastric cancer increase patients’ acceptance of palliative care earlier in the cancer continuum?

Marvella Bayh Memorial Scholarship



Michael Mirro

Pilot Study to investigate Home Potassium testing in Heart Failure

Hazel and Tommy Thompson Cardiac Research Scholarship



William Truitt

Assessing the Role of Projections from the Ventral Hippocampus (vHIP) to the Medial Prefrontal Cortex (mPFC) in the Neural Circuitry of Social Familiarity-induced Anxiolysis (SoFiA) using Gi-DREADDs

NHLBI-T35 Award

Kayla and Rebecca

Gates and Nunge

Todd McKinley

Developing a Minimally Invasive Cell-Based Model to Predict Response to Major Trauma

NHLBI-T35 Award



Matt Turner

scRNA-Seq Identifies IL-1 Responsive Cell Subsets in the Skin Injury-induced Inflammatory Response

NHLBI-T35 Award



Ben Landis

Impact of Abnormal Chromosomal Microarray Testing on Post-Operative Course in Infants with Congenital Heart Disease

NHLBI-T35 Award



Kathryn Haider

Using Late Supplemental Oxygen to Prevent Retinopathy of Prematurity Progression In Premature Infants: a Retrospective Study

NEI-T35 Award



Amir Hajrasouliha

Ultra-Widefield Fluorescein Angiography as a Predictor for Visual Outcomes in Retinal Vein Occlusion

NEI-T35 Award

2020 IMPRS Presentation Award Finalist

Student’s First Name

Student’s Last Name

IMPRS Faculty Mentor

Poster Title




Dan Spandau

The Role of the Integrated Stress Response and the Actin Cytoskeleton during Wound Healing

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Michael Meneghini

Tourniquets and Adductor Canal Blocks in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Is There a Synergistic Effect on Postoperative Pain and Quadriceps Weakness?

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Jui-Hung Yen

Improving Post-Stroke Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke Animal Models Using C3a Monoclonal Antibody Treatment

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award

Maria & Kierra

Fiallo & Parker (Group Project)

Christine Eckel

Osteology Modules for the Human Structure Course

2023 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Chandy Johns

Examining Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Amidst the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Jon Ting

Verbal Fluency, Speech-Language and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Youth with Cochlear Implants

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Tom Gutwein

Reducing Death Anxiety: The Impact of Advanced Care Planning

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Mark Payne

Assessing Myocardial Perfusion Reserve in Children with Friedreich’s Ataxia

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Michael Meneghini

Incidence and causes of tibial component loosening based on level of obesity in a large consecutive cohort of cemented promary TKAs without stem extensions

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award



Tamara Hannon

Food Prescriptions for Management of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes among Food Insecure Youth

2020 IMPRS Presentation Finalist Award

2020 IMPRS Presentation: Honorable Mention

Student’s First Name

Student’s Last Name

IMPRS Faculty Mentor

Poster Title




Jennifer Hartwell

Postoperative Pancreatic Fistula Following Traumatic Splenectomy: What Techniques Affect Incidence?

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention

Timothy C.


Alexandria McDow

Impact of SSKI vs. Corticosteroids on Total Thyroidectomy for Graves Disease: A Retrospective Review

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Emily Sims

Analysis of incidence DKA in the Indiana new onset T1D patient population

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Brian Gray

Open Abdomen During Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Jeff Peipert

Obesity and Infertility: a Prospective Cohort Study

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Chang Ho

Comparison of Diffusion and Perfusion Techniques in Differentiating High Versus Low Grade Pediatric Brain Tumors

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Yu-Chien Wu

The effect of pathophysiologic protein accumulation in prelclinical Alzheimer’s disease on white matter integrity

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Melissa Kacena

Predicting Fracture Healing with Biomarkers

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Eneida Mendonca

Exploring Racial and Age Disproportionalities

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Jeff Kline

Venous Thromboembolism and D-dimer In Patients with COVID-19

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Erica Clinkenbeard

Glycolysis and Lactate Dehydrogenase A in Iron-Mediated Suppression of Osteoblast Function

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Heidi Beidinger

Understanding evidence-based lead mitigation: Is the lead mitigation advice and strategies being communicated to citizens evidence-based?

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Jennifer Maratt

Pathology Communication Following Endoscopy

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



David Haas

Are newborn outcomes different for term babies who were exposed to antenatal corticosteroids ?

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Tim Corson

Factors Influencing Patient Views of Intravitreal Injection Therapy and Compliance with Treatment

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Scott Canfield

Propofol-induced damage to the blood-brain barrier endothelium evinces a vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) -dependent mechanism.

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention



Heba Ismail

Normative Fasting C Peptide Values Among Adolescents in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES)

2020 IMPRS Presentation Honorable Mention

2020 IMPRS All Participants

First Name Last Name Mentor
Sarah Abdel-Mageed Matthew Friedman
Daniel Abreu Matt Durbin
Emily Adaniya Fabiana Perna
Kazeerat Adedokun Heather Wolfe
Lauren Albert Kathleen Unroe
Matthew Anderson John Turchi
Christian Arce Guzman Matthias Clauss
Peter Arnold Jennifer Hartwell
Christopher Arnold Mike Sturek
Nitin Arora Kenneth Olson
Dirichi Arungwa Andrew Gonzalez
Adeel Ashraf Taeok Bae
Nabeel Ashraf Taeok Bae
Erica Aukerman Dan Spandau
Thomas Baldwin Michael Meneghini
Olajumoke Bamgbose Matthew O’Connor
Maria Barron William Truitt
Timothy Baumgartner Alexandria McDow
Margaret Bello Uma Sankar
Aislinn Betts Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin; Alison Greene
Neel Bhagat Ravi Bamba
Nudar Bhuiya Thien Zhu
Ethan Blake Dennis Savaino
Paul Bojrab Kim Recht
Ifeoluwa Bolujo Burcin Ekser
Joseph Boone Marc Mendonca
Ashton Bosler Michael Meneghini
Miranda Bouwer Jonathan Guerrero
Hannah Bozell Teresa Bell
James Brent Matthew Bair
Joshua Brown Brian Gray
Lucy Brown Chandy John
Taylor Burger Jeff Peipert
Thomas Byvoets Brian Brewer
Marielle Cabe Leslie Enane
Meredith Campbell David Craig
Hayley Chan Craig Goergen
Eric Chen Chang Ho
Andy Chen Lexy Torke
Billy Chien Yu-Chien Wu
Daniel Chimitt Jennifer Carnahan
Joseph Chitwood Melissa Kacena
Abigail Chmiel Wade Clapp
Kenneth Christian Greg Westin
Jonathan Class Babar Khan and Sikander Khan
Kayla Clodfelter Al Hassanein
Jessica Coleman Anirban Mitra
Elaine Colomb Sashwati Roy
Justin Couetil Michael Murphy
Azhar Dalal Babar Khan
Vijai Kumar Dharla Kelly Nudelman and Yunlong Liu
Jonathan Dietrich Rupa Radhakrishnan 
Sydney DiGregory Tucker Edmonds, Brownsyne
Macy Dimmett Michael Meneghini
Madison Dolan Geoffrey Gordon
Connor Drake Al Hassanein
Ethan Duncheon Teresa Zimmers
Nicole Eckert Eneida Mendonca
Lauren Estes Mary Ott
Madeline Evans Ridley-Merriweather
David Failinger Jui-Hung Yen
Elyse Feder Jason Meyer
Matthew Ferguson Brian Dixon
Haley Ferguson Mark Payne
Maria Fiallo Christine Eckel
Walter Fitschen Suranga Kasthurirathne
Benjamin Flueckiger Sarah Wang
Emily Freeman Eneida Mendonca
Jennifer Garcia Joan Cook-Mills
Kayla Gates Todd McKinley
Gunnar Goebel Joshua Adkinson
William Goggins Burcin Ekser
Brandon Gregory Titus Schleyer
Myranda Grismore Nicole Fowler
Zoe Guckien Rupa Radhakrishnan 
Yamilet Guerra Rodriguez Brenda Hundson/Lucy Miller
Zack Hall Yu-Chien Wu
Jessica Hammes Babar Khan
Breanne Hand Linda DiMeglio
Kayla Harpold Matt Turner
Matthew Harris Chandy Johns
Fahad Hasnain Jon Ting
Yi Yan (Yannie) Heng Megan McHenry
Helen Hernandez Leslie Enane
Christopher Herodotou H. Nakshatri
Alexandra Hochstetler Teresa Bell
Matt Hodges Deb Litzelman
Joshua Hoffer Jeff Kline
Kendra Hollenbeck Tom Gutwein
Madeline Hoover Ben Landis
Sarah Hoseus Mary Ott
Alexander Huang Ramana Yedavalli (Jonathan Lee)
Pete Hunter Erica Clinkenbeard
Jeffrey Hutchens Mark Payne
Nicholas Jakupco Michael Mirro
Shania James Heidi Beidinger
Alaina Johnston Takefumi Komiya
Kimberly Jones Brian Henriksen
Chase Junge Heather O’Leary
Jason Kabir Jennifer Maratt
Karson Kamman Arupratan Das
Saad Kamran Nadia Krupp
David Karnani Eric White
Evan Keiser Tim Lautenschlaeger
Jabir Khera Suranga Kasthurirathne
Andrew Killion Catherine Sears
Mary Kinney Sara Quinney
Taylor Kleyn Michael Francis
Adam Knox Melissa Kacena
Bryan Ko Matthew Bair
Ryan Kokoska Bryan Yamamoto
Sarah Komanapalli Caitlin Bernard
Madeline Ku** David Umulis
Valerie Kumalo Nicole Messmore
Amira Kupty Fen-Lei Chang
Joseph Lane Sunil Reddy
Charles Lange Elliot Androphy
Michael Lange Riyi Shi
Shelby Lanie Brian Henriksen
Christian Lankford Urs von Holzen
Bret Lawson Tom Gutwein
Trevor Lehr Mike Sturek
Adam Lesniak Brandon Brown
Zachary Lett Nathan Alves
Scott Liu Deb Litzelman
Lillian Longawa Michael Meneghini
Adam Lonnberg Kara Garcia
Seth Losiewicz Heidi Beidinger
Claire Marks David Haas
Anthony McGuire Melissa Kacena
Aaron Mckay Matthew O’Connor
Alexandra McKinzie David Haas
Eric Metzman Andrew Jea
Robert Minturn Kathryn Haider
Folami Morris Elliot Androphy
Caleb Morton Fen-Lei Chang
Caleb Munson Jeff Kline
Alexander Nelson Nicole Messmore
Brian Niebuhr John Gottlieb (Maureen Harrington)
Rebecca Nunge Todd McKinley
Francis Nwaneri Michael Mirro
Stephen O’Connor John Parent
Alex O’Connor Michael Murphy
Jesus Olivera Richard Gunderman
Deeb Omari Michael McGee
Jonathan Oswald Tamara Hannon
Raiven Owusu Kathi Ridley-Merriweather
Mathew Padanilam Greg Westin
Nicholas Palmer Tim Corson
Kierra Parker Christine Eckel
Dustin Parsons Scott Canfield
Minal Patel Dibyadyuti Datta
Shreya Patel Clement Ren
Javier Perez Toledo Sharon Moe
Cade Plyer Fen-Lei Chang
Carson Powell Paul Haste
Anna Purk Gabi Center and Jean Molleston
Gene Qian Nuria Morral
Hamna Qureshi Monica Forbes-Amrhein
Varun Rameswara Ashay Bhatwadekar
Ben Richter Brian Dixon
Nathan Risk Leslie Enane
Maggie Rose Jamie Renbarger and Tammy Sajdyk
Marelle Rukes Andrea Bonetto
Robert Saldivar Michael Meneghini
Christina Salgado Tuan Tran
Matthew Samaro Margaret Schwarz
Amee Sangani April Savoy
Jordan Saunders Andrew Gonzalez and S. Dev
Melanie Scheive Hajrasouliha, Amir
Isaac Schumacher Paul Haste
Cassandra Schwartz Jana Sanders
Tara Seibert Nicole Fowler
Faisal Shariff Mark Walsh
Rhea Sharma Joseph McCollom
Vasu Sheel Tom Imperiale
Christine Shepler Shelley Johns
Marcy Simpson Matthew O’Connor
Harjas Singh Chandan Sen
Lovekirat Singh Michael Mirro
Arundeep Singh Kristen Kloepfer
Harpriya Singh Matthew O’Connor
Chevy Singh Padmanabhan Pattabiraman
Cameron Snapp Tatiana Kostrominova
Katherine (Kit) Sommers Courtney Rowan
Katelyn Stevens Johanne Eliacin
Ryan Stoffel Scott Canfield
Lily Suh Mithun Sinha
Joshua Tadevich Michael Meneghini
Kiet Tat Joan Cook-Mills
Tanner Thornsberry Jill Connors
Clayton Tsang Hajrasouliha, Amir
Jacob Turner Kun Huang
Kaylee Tutrow Ben Gaston
John Verhey Greg Westin
Punit Vyas Jamie Renbarger and Tammy Sajdyk
Kevin Walters Dennis Savaino
Larry Wang Kurt Kroenke
Manda Wang Xiao-Ming Xu
Brielle Warnock Brian Gray
Margaret Watkins Fen-Lei Chang
Brandon Watson Subhadip Ghatak
Max Westlake Stacey Halum
Joe Whitaker Micah Smith
Calvin Willhite Eric White
Ari Williams Maria Dadarlat
Emily Wilson Aaron Roberts
Alexander Wright Tamara Hannon
Victoria Yagodinski Bill Bennett
Grace Yedlicka Tracey Wilkinson
Nicholas Young Savita Khanna
Shannon Zhou Teresa Zimmers