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Summer Program 2019 Archive

We would like to congratulate all the students and faculty who participated in the 2019 IMPRS Program. The program’s mission is to provide a wide range of research and scholarly opportunities to the IUSM student body. The purpose is to enrich the research and scholarly education and knowledge for the medical students. This summer we hosted 149 medical students from all 9 campuses doing research and scholarly activities in the areas of: laboratory and translational research, clinical research, health research outcomes and community health education.

View Proceedings of IMPRS, the research publication for the 2019 program

Students who Participated in 2019 IMPRS

First NameLast NameTrackMentor Name
Joseph Acchiardo Student Research Program in Radiology Research Michael Veronesi
Haider Al-Awadi Laboratory/Translational Research  Jim Williams
Jonathan Alessi Laboratory/Translational Research David Nelson
Brianna Alex Clinical Research in Pediatrics Megan McHenry
Roberto Alouidor Laboratory/Translational Research Peng Chen
Alan Alvarez de Sotomayor Community Health Partnership Tamara Hannon
Matthew Anderson Student Research Program in Radiology Research Michael Veronesi
Chiamara Anokwute LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Michael McGee
Payton Arnold Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Stephanie Asdell Clinical Research Jeffrey Peipert
Aatif Basher Laboratory/Translational Research Ping Li and Mark Kaplan
Shawyon Baygani Laboratory/Translational Research Andrew Jea
Ashok Biju Health Services and Outcomes Babar Khan
Bianca Blaettner Laboratory/Translational Research Johnathan Tune
Wes Borman LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Terre Haute Scott Canfield
William Bridgeman Clinical Research in Pediatrics Linda DiMeglio
Jamie Brown LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _South Bend Jenni Prosperi
Kayla Brown Health Services and Outcomes Kathleen Unroe
Mikayla Burrell Community Health Partnership Dennis Savvaiano
Jessica Chiang Community Health Partnership Debra Litzelman
Alexei Christodoulides Biomedical Engineering Research Nathan Alves
Hannah Clark Laboratory/Translational Research Johnathan Tune
Alexander Close Clinical Research in Pediatrics Kirsten Kloepfer
Adam Corya Clinical Research in Pediatrics Jamie Renbarger
Jordan Cox Community Health Partnership Tamara Hannon
Arthur Cross-Najafi Laboratory/Translational Research Matthias Clauss
Christian Cuevas Laboratory/Translational Research Stephanie Ware
Christine Daly Laboratory/Translational Research Alexander Niculescu
Lindsey d’Arnaud LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Polly Husmann
Steven Dawson Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine Ben Nti
Madison DeGoey LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Tatiana Kostrominova
Harkeerat Dhami Clinical Research in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Niharika Samala
Nicklaus Diggins Laboratory and Translational Research Melissa Kacena
Austin Dukes Laboratory/Translational Research Loren Field
Uchechukwu Emili LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Heather Wolfe
Kaitlyn Enderle Laboratory/Translational Research Sara Quinney
Amanda Essex Community Health Partnership Carrie Lawrence
Braeden Estes Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Anna Fenner Laboratory and Translational Research Clint Bahler
Sarah Fisher Laboratory/Translational Research Brian Gray
Christian Garcia Laboratory/Translational Research Fletcher White
Anna Gensel Laboratory/Translational Research Tim Lahm
Jacob Graham Health Services and Outcomes Matthew Bair
Mitchell Gray LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Micah Smith
Lennon Gregor Clinical Resarch in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Mohammad Al-Haddad and John DeWitt
Zachary Gunderson Laboratory and Translational Research Melissa Kacena
Ashley Hacker Laboratory/Translational Research Monte Willis
Abigail Hadley Laboratory/Translational Research Reuben Kapur
Clarissa Hanna Laboratory/Translational Research Kierem Mather
Kate Harris Cardiovascular Surgery Summer Research Lawrence Lee
Madison Harris Clinical Resarch in Emergency Medicine Paul Musey
Timothy Hartman Cardiovascular Surgery Summer Research Lawrence Lee
Weston He Laboratory/Translational Research Theresa Guise
Margaret Holdeman LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Heather Hundley
Samantha Holmes LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _South Bend Urs van Holzen
Hanna House Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Lauren Howser Laboratory/Translational Research Brian Gray
Sarah Huber Clinical Resarch in Emergency Medicine Kristine Nanagas
Emily Iannopollo LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Evansville Kara Garcia
Shannon Jager Laboratory/Translational Research Tucker Edmonds
Colton Junod Clinical Resarch in Emergency Medicine Alice Mitchell
Amani Karim Department of Surgery Dimitrios Stefanidis
Anish Karlapudi Laboratory/Translational Research Heather O’Leary
Sydney Keller Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Ibrahim Mohammed Khan Laboratory/Translational Research Mark Kaplan
Humza Khan Laboratory/Translational Research Ashay Bhatwadeka
Brandon Kiley LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Dazar Opoku
Thomas Knowles Laboratory/Translational Research Troy Markel
Dominik Kowalczyk LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Roman Dziarski
Justin Kryshak Health Services and Outcomes Shaun Grannis
Erica Kubascik LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Tatiana Kostrominova
Corrine Kumar T-32 Burr Lynda Bonewald
Isaac Lamb Laboratory/Translational Research Catherine Sears
Luke Landrigan LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Eric White
Matthew Lang Laboratory/Translational Research Alon Harris
Cassandra Lange Laboratory/Translational Research (T35) Sandeep Batra
Zachary Lee LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington John Foley
Kirsten Lewis LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Terre Haute Scott Canfield
Amanda Lima T32_Kaplan Elliot Androphy
Albert Liu Health Services and Outcomes Joy Lee and Michael Weiner
Joseph Madden Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Erin Mahony LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Brian Kennedy
Orlando Maldonado Laboratory/Translational Research Cristian Alberto Lasagna Reeves
Ryan McBride LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Ernest Talarico
Luke McVeigh Laboratory/Translational Research Fletcher White and Melissa Kacena
Christopher Miao Laboratory/Translational Research Linda Williams
Setarah Mohammad Nader Clinical Resarch in Emergency Medicine Paul Musey
Sean Mulligan Laboratory/Translational Research Burcin Ekser
Sang Yoon Na Health Services and Outcomes Lexy Torke
Radoslaw Nabrzyski Laboratory/Translational Research Rick Nelson
Satyanarayana Nelanuthala Laboratory/Translational Research Reuben Kapur
Christopher O’Connor LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _South Bend Margaret Schwarz
Yebon Oh LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Richard Carpenter
Ruth Osborne T32_Kaplan Alex Dent
Jordan Ozolin Laboratory/Translational Research Robert Tepper
Alexia Parra LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Hollace Chastain
Neal Patel Student Research Program in Radiology Research Gary Hutchins
Jonah Persinger LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Polly Husmann
Lauren Pitz Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Ryan Plunkett LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Evansville Kara Garcia
Nicholas Polster Laboratory/Translational Research Teresa Zimmers
Ashley Poole Clinical Resarch in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Niharika Samala
Megana Rao Clinical Resarch in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Naga Chalasani
Brycen Ratcliffe LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Scott Stienecker
Lucas Rowe Laboratory/Translational Research Alon Harris
Taylor Schaetzle LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Fen Lei Chang
Alison Schmidt Laboratory/Translational Research Stephanie Ware
William Schrock Laboratory/Translational Research Matthew Landman
Sachin Seetharam Laboratory/Translational Research Michael Meneghini
Griffin Selch Health Services and Outcomes Linda Williams
Ishani Sharma Department of Surgery Gayle Gordillo
Andrew Sickbert T-32 Burr Lilian Plotkin
Maddie Smith Laboratory/Translational Research Uma Sankar
Samuel Stegelmann LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne William Young
Cody Stewart LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Dipika Gupta
Joshua Streveler Laboratory/Translational Research Mark Mendonca
Christopher Sublette Department of Surgery C. Max Schmidt
Seungyup Sun CCEH_Laboratory and Translational Research Melissa Kacena
Sarah Swiezy Department of Surgery Harikrishna Nakshatri
Aaron Teklesenbet Laboratory/Translational Research Jeff Kline
Quinton Thompson Laboratory and Translational Research Karen Pollok
Daniel Torolira LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Fen-Lei Chang
Jackson Townsend LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Heather Hundley
Bill Trimoski LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Northwest Dipika Gupta
William Voors LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Abhishek Biswas
Sydney Waller Laboratory and Translational Research Tim Corson
Andy Wang LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH   Fort Wayne Takefumi Komiya
Kaleb Ware Laboratory/Translational Research Peter Pang
Adam Warner Student Research Program in Radiology Research Monica Forbes-Amrhein
Adam Warrick T-32 Burr Uma Sankar
Lindsey Wells Student Research Program in Radiology Research Andy Saykin
Matthew Wilcox Community Health Partnership Sarah Wiehe
Sydney Willhite LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Peter Hollenhorst
Georgia Williams Department of Surgery Sashwati Roy
Acacia Williams Laboratory/Translational Research Alexander Niculescu
Andre Woloshuk Laboratory/Translational Research Tarek Ashkar
David Wong LABORATORY/TRANSLATION RESEARCH  _Bloomington Peter Hollenhorst
Joey Wu Clinical Resarch in Gastroenterology and Hepatology Archita Desai
Cory Wuerch Laboratory/Translational Research Matthew Landman
Sen Xiong Health Services and Outcomes Shaun Grannis