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IMPRS Summer Program

The IMPRS Summer Program connects students with research opportunities in Indiana and beyond during the Phase 1 summer break between the first and second years of medical school.

IMPRS specifically oversees and funds students who complete opportunities on an IU School of Medicine campus. However, all students who are completing a summer research or scholarly experience are encouraged to fill out the IMPRS application form to gain access to IMPRS Summer Program benefits.

IMPRS Summer Program Benefits

  • Hands-on research and/or clinical experiences.
  • Membership in a cohort of peers committed to research exploration.
  • Coaching, mentoring and advising support from IMPRS faculty and staff.
  • Professional development seminars that expand knowledge of research and clinical disciplines.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Presentation and publication opportunities.

What Students Can Expect to Gain in a Summer Research/Scholarly Experience

  • Skills that are valuable for residency applications as well as career development.
  • Hands-on experience that instills an appreciation for the research behind medical discoveries.
  • A deeper critical understanding of medical literature, information and research.
  • The potential to contribute to scholarly knowledge through presentations and publications.

Dates and Work Schedule

Most programs are between eight and 12 weeks long and take place between May and July. Normal hours of operation for opportunities on IU School of Medicine campuses are Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. Exact work schedules may vary depending on the opportunity needs and expectations.

In addition to research work, each student must observe a series of weekly seminars and participate in the poster session at the end of the summer session. The posters will be judged and twenty projects will be selected to compete for oral presentation awards.


IU School of Medicine Program Stipends

Stipends are available through IMPRS for opportunities that take place on IU School of Medicine campuses. Students who receive funding directly from IMPRS must commit to the required full-time summer research program schedule. Students receiving funding from IMPRS cannot be simultaneously obligated to other grants or awards requiring a commitment of time during the designated IMPRS Summer Program time. Students receive the stipend for the in three installments; the stipend is not a salary.

External Program Stipends

Students who complete opportunities elsewhere are subject to the stipends available with those programs, but will still have access to all other IMPRS Summer Program benefits, including research advising, networking, access to publication and presentation opportunities and more.


Students are expected to secure their own room and board for the duration of the program.

General Timeline

IMPRS Summer Program application opens.

IMPRS Summer Program applications are due by mid-January.

IMPRS Summer Program applications will be reviewed and selected.

IMPRS Office will notify selected students with their mentor matches.

Mid-March *
Deadline for students to accept IMPRS Summer Program offers.

April *
During the month of April, students will be able to work on some online certifications and/or assignments. It is recommended, if you have agreed to participate in the program, plan to meet with the assigned mentor about the project and plan.

May *
IMPRS orientation to kick start the summer research and scholarly internships.

Required IMPRS Professional Development Seminars*

IMPRS poster and oral presentations.

Late July
Official end of summer research and scholarly internships.

*Only required for students completing opportunities on an IU School of Medicine campus. Students completing experiences externally should comply with all required deadlines for their selected program.