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The following guidelines which have been established for the USMLE are required by the IU School of Medicine:

  1. All students must take the USMLE Step 1 examination before beginning third-year clinical clerkships. Students must take the USMLE Step 2 CK and Step 2 CS examinations by November 1 of their fourth year.
  2. The tests fulfill curricular requirements of the School and, in addition, meet part of the medical licensing requirements of state licensing boards (See below for more information).
  3. A student who fails to meet national passing levels generally will be permitted to complete the clerkship or elective in which he/she is currently enrolled.
  4. The Student Promotions Committee will review the complete academic records of students who fail to meet the national passing levels on these examinations.
  5. Neither the National Board of Medical Examiners nor Indiana University School of Medicine will release numeric scores without authorization from the student. Numeric scores will not appear on the official school transcript.

Indiana State Statutory Code dictates that the United States Medical Licensing Examination be passed with a maximum of three attempts to pass each portion (Step) of the exam. Therefore, an IUSM student will only be allowed 3 opportunities to pass any given step of the USMLE examination. [See policy statement…]

Current USMLE policies and procedures are provided on the World Wide Web at