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Learning Environment

IU School of Medicine Learning Environment

IU School of Medicine strives to provide a positive, inclusive environment that is conducive to teaching and learning and embodies the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation.

Learners play a key role.

The School relies on learner feedback to continuously monitor and improve the learning environment—both to identify concerns in the learning environment as well as when IU School of Medicine is at its best. Several avenues are available for learner input, including course and clerkship evaluations, evaluations of individual instructors, the annual Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Graduation Questionnaire, and information submitted through this platform.

All members of the IU School of Medicine community are expected to uphold the tenets of the Honor Code. In maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, IU School of Medicine is committed to responding in a systematic manner to incidents of student mistreatment and violations of the Honor Code and Teacher-Learner Conduct Policy. Through a commitment to recognizing exemplars of professionalism, those who model the IU School of Medicine Honor Code through daily interactions with others, the School demonstrates its core values in action.

The Exemplar of Professionalism Honor Roll is an exciting new award to recognize those at the school who embody the core values of excellence, respect, integrity, diversity and cooperation. Celebrating positive role models who uphold the IU School of Medicine Honor Code in their daily interactions, the Exemplar designation is designed to recognize faculty, residents, fellows, students and staff members.

How can I recognize an exemplar of professionalism?

IU School of Medicine is excited about the recent changes to the IU School of Medicine Honor Code. Due to these changes we will be temporarily suspending the Exemplar of Professionalism Honor Roll nominations while we review the process and criteria for alignment with the newly revised Honor Code.

What is student mistreatment?

Per the Association of American Medical Colleges, IUSM defines mistreatment as “mistreatment either intentional or unintentional occurs when behavior shows disrespect for the dignity of others and unreasonably interferes with the learning process. Examples of mistreatment include: sexual harassment; discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation; humiliation; psychological or physical punishment; and the use of grading and other forms of assessment in a punitive manner.”1

Report mistreatment.

If you are concerned that you have experienced or witnessed mistreatment, you are strongly encouraged to report it. The primary and preferred method of reporting mistreatment is through the IU School of Medicine Mistreatment Incident Report Form because the appropriate institutional authorities are automatically alerted when this form is submitted, and this enables the School to respond in a rapid and systematic manner. Reporting concerns through this form also helps the School monitor concerns in the learning environment in real-time.

Other options for raising concerns about mistreatment include:

Note, the purpose of the Mistreatment Incident Report Form is for learners (medical students, graduate students, residents, and fellows) to report incidents of mistreatment and/or lapses in professionalism that have occurred in the learning environment. This form is not for staff or faculty use for reporting mistreatment that they have personally experienced in the work environment; staff or faculty wishing to report such concerns may do so through the IUPUI Office of Institutional Equity complaint process here.  This form is also not to report concerning behavior of a fellow student, co-resident etc.; those concerns should be reported using the Honor Code Concern Report form.

Explore the process for reporting a mistreatment incident.

Prevention and Education

A series of modules is available for the school’s faculty and staff to deepen their understanding about mistreatment in the learning environment at the IU School of Medicine. Current modules are available in Canvas. To enroll in the Canvas course, please visit: Understanding and Preventing Mistreatment in the Learning Environment.


1. Mavis B, Sousa A, Lipscomb W, Rappley M. Learning about medical student mistreatment from responses to the medical school graduation questionnaire. Acad Med 2014; 89: 705-711.