Timeliness of Foundational Science Course and Clerkship Grade Submission Policy

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Policy Statement

Reason for Policy

Additional Contacts
Related Information

Effective: 11/1/2016
Last Updated: 1/28/2019

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Senior associate dean for medical student education

Policy Contact:

RESPONSIBLE Senior associate dean for medical student education
ACCOUNTABLE Phase 1: Associate dean for the foundational sciences
Phase 2: Assistant dean for medical student education, phase 2
Phase 3: Director of Clinical Distinction Curriculum
SUPPORT IUSM registrar
CONSULT Senior business intelligence analyst
Curriculum data coordinator
INFORM Curriculum Council Steering Committee
Clinical Component Committee
Foundational Component Committee

LCME Standards

9.5 Narrative Assessment
9.8 Fair and Timely Summative Assessment


This policy applies to all campuses of the Indiana University School of Medicine and individuals who submit evaluations and grades for required foundational science courses and clerkships.

Policy Statement

The written evaluations of student performance by all preceptors and instructors are due to the course/clerkship director via the school’s automated evaluation system two business days after the end of the required course or clerkship. Final course and clerkship grades, including narrative comments, must be certified within 30 calendar days of the end of the course or clerkship.

Reason for Policy

The Liaison Committee on Medical Education states in accreditation element 9.8 that “A medical school has in place a system of fair and timely summative assessment of medical student achievement in each course and clerkship of the medical education program. Final grades are available within six weeks of the end of a course or clerkship.” Timely submission of written evaluations and grades within 30 days of the end of a course or clerkship provides medical students feedback in a more expedient timeframe and ensures adequate time to meet the LCME requirement.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 11/20/2018.


Grades process:

An automatic email is generated and sent to the listed recipients on the days indicated in Table 1. All parties will assist to ensure that policy requirements are met.

Table 1

Day after Course or Clerkship Ends


Email Recipients


  • Statewide coordinator
  • Campus coordinator
  • Course coordinator
  • Phase 1 Course Site Leader
  • Statewide Clerkship Director
  • Assistant Statewide Clerkship Director


  • Same recipients as Day 1 Same recipients as Day 1, except Statewide Clerkship Director and Assistant Statewide Clerkship Director


  • Same recipients as Day 21 plus:
    • The appropriate phase dean/director:
      • Associate dean for the foundational sciences (phase 1)
      • Assistant Dean for Medical Student Education, phase 2
      • Director of Clinical Distinction Curriculum, Phase 3
    • Statewide Course/Clerkship director
    • Assistant dean for academic records and promotion

31+ daily

  • Same recipients as Day 26 plus:
    • Department chair
    • Vice Chair of Medical Education
    • Senior associate dean for medical student education
    • Campus director
    • LCME accreditation director

35+ daily

  • Same recipients as Day 31 plus:
    • Executive associate dean for educational affairs.

Recording Failures for Phase 1 Courses:

  • Foundational Science Courses: Failing grades (including comments) must be submitted and certified no more than 2 business days after the scores are available for the final exam.
  • Foundations of Clinical Practice 1 and 2: Failing grades (including comments) must be submitted and certified no more than 7 business days after the final exam


The Liaison Committee for Medical Education is the accrediting body for medical education programs in the United States and Canada that lead to a medical degree.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Medical Student Education Operations (317) 274-1965 askmse@iu.edu


Evaluation forms are electronic.

Related Information

Grading and Appeals Process: Policy Page.

LCME Standards (Functions and Structure of a Medical School): http://lcme.org/publications/#Standards.


Original policy approved by Curriculum Council Steering Committee 5/2012.
Policy revisions reviewed and edited 10/7/2016.
Policy revised and approved by the CCSC 12/20/2016.
Added a section of recording failure 7/10/2017.
Adjusted the notification hierarchy and process in the “Procedure” section. Updated personnel. 02/07/2018.
Policy revision approve by CCSC 11/20/2018.
Notification hierarchy updated in “Procedures” section on 01/07/2019.
Revision approved by CCSC 01/15/2019.