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Student Organizations

Many different student organizations are active on the Indianapolis medical center campus. Organizations wishing to request funding must register with IUPUI campus. All student organization funding is run through IUPUI and subject to their rules and regulations. Resources for and information regarding student organizations at IUPUI can be found at Student organizations are encouraged to communicate with the MSC in order to maintain space on the student organizations calender.

Medical Student Council

The purpose of the Medical Student Council (MSC) is to discuss issues of interest to the students of the Indiana University School of Medicine, and to implement constructive courses of action arising from those discussions. The MSC is also responsible for appointing committee leadership to MSC committees as well as recommending students to sit on faculty and school committees. The MSC serves as student leadership for the student body and is given a prominent role in all faculty and school affairs.

The Medical Student Council is composed of the class officers from all four medical classes and members of committees or organizations as defined in the MSC Constitution and Bylaws. Four voting members representing the Centers for Medical Education are elected to the MSC. All MSC meetings are open to all medical students. Minutes from all MSC meetings are distributed on the Indiana University School of Medicine listserv and are available on the MSC web page. The MSC functions through class committees as well as through school committees, and represents students in academic and other concerns. The Medical Student Council office is located in the Daly Student Center, Room 188. This office also is for Student Leadership.

Service Learning Coalition

The Service Learning Coalition (SLC), formerly Medical Student Service Group, is comprised of executive officers, campus partners and project chairs as defined in the SLC Constitution and Bylaws and the Sr./Jr. Chair also hold a voting positon on the SLC executive board. All SLC meetings are open to all medical students. Minutes from all SLC meetings are distributed on the Indiana University School of Medicine email list.

Class Officers

Each class elects class officers to conduct its affairs and to represent it in the Medical Student Council. Elections of officers for the third and fourth years are usually held during the preceding year. First- and second-year class elections are generally held within the first few weeks after the beginning of fall classes to allow students time to become acquainted. During the period prior to first-year elections, the MSC will assist the first-year class.