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Policy Statement
Reason for Policy

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Effective: 10/25/16
Last Updated: 01/29/2019

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Senior Associate Dean for Medical Student Education

Policy Contact:
Phase II Dean

RESPONSIBLE Antwione Haywood, Educational Policy Sub-committee Chair, 317-278-2891,
ACCOUNTABLE Alan Ladd, Curriculum Council Steering Committee Co- Chair, 317-274-4682,
SUPPORT Educational Policy Sub-committee members
Colleen O’Brien,
CONSULT Joseph Scodro, Deputy General Counsel, (317) 274-5277,
Educational Policy Sub-committee members
Curriculum Council Steering Committee Chair
INFORM Educational Policy Sub-committee members
Andy Foster, IUSM Website,

LCME Standards

9.7 Formative Assessment and Feedback


Any individual, student, faculty member, administrator, staff member, group or   committee involved in pre-clinical courses or clinical clerkships.

Policy Statement

Indiana University Scool of Medicine (IUSM) ensures that each medical student is assessed and provided with formal formative feedback, as determined by the course or clerkship management team, early enough during each required course or clerkship four or more weeks in length to allow sufficient time for remediation. A course or clerkship less than four weeks in length provides alternate means by which a medical student can measure his or her progress in learning. Adherence to this policy is monitored by CCSC.

Reason for Policy

To ensure that medical students receive formative feedback early enough in their courses or clerkships to allow for remediation.


Approved by CCSC on 11/29/2016


Students will be made aware of the procedures by the course or clerkship management team. Examples of formative feedback include but are not limited to quizzes, practice questions, audience response system, narrative feedback and others.


Course/Clerkship Management Team- All IUSM Courses/Clerkships are overseen by a team of faculty across each campus who collectively oversee the educational experience in a given course or clerkship.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy; Compliance Jen Schwartz
Changes/Updates Neelum Safdar (317) 274-4742
Technical Assistance Joel Smith (317) 278-1762

Related Information

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Approved CCSC: 11/2016
Minor change – date format updated: 01/28/2019