Fees Assessment and Tuition Refund Policy

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Effective: Immediately
Last Updated: 05/12/2017

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Assistant dean for academic records and promotion

Policy Contact:

RESPONSIBLE Curriculum Council Steering Committee
Educational Policy Subcommittee
ACCOUNTABLE Medical Student Education
SUPPORT Business Intelligence
Continuous Quality Improvement, Educational Affairs
CONSULT General counsel
Educational Policy Subcommittee
INFORM Educational Policy Subcommittee
Learning Technology, Medical Student Education
Student Financial Services

LCME Standards

12.1 Financial Aid/Debt Management Counseling/Student Educational Debt
12.2 Tuition Refund Policy


All IUSM students.

Policy Statement

All students are expected to pay all tuition and fees by enrollment term, as approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, related to their enrollment in the M.D. program. Refunds are available to medical students on a graduated basis in the first month of enrollment each term.

Reason for Policy

This policy affects all IUSM students and influences enrollment status and estimated cost of attendance at the institution. Students who have not paid fees for a prior term are not able to proceed into the next term of instruction until balance is fully resolved.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 1/12/2017.


Students are expected to pay the annual rate charged for a term of enrollment (fall, spring, or summer, when applicable) regardless of the beginning and ending dates of the term and the date of enrollment. M.D. program tuition and fees, as approved by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, are billed by the IUPUI Office of the Bursar and payment is due on the following approximate schedule.

First- and Second-Year Students (phase 1 students)

  • One-half annual rate for fall, typically due in August.
  • One-half annual rate for spring, typically due in December or January.

Third- and Fourth-Year Students (phase 2 and 3 students)

  • One-third annual rate for summer, typically due in May.
  • One-third annual rate for fall, typically due in August,
  • One-third annual rate for spring, typically due in December or January.

Late payment of university obligations may result in the assessment of late charges and restriction of certain university services. As of July 1, 2016, the late fee is 1.5 percent of the past due balance, with a minimum of $2.

Partial rates are not available nor are credits for exemptions based on prior study. If a student is required to repeat any academic work (a term or an entire year) based on failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, he/she will be charged tuition and fees for the additional term(s) of enrollment.

Combined degree students are assessed based on their plan of study. Students must enroll in both professional and graduate course work as outlined in plan of study and are assessed for those credits based on the campus rate. If enrolled in both programs in the same term, students will be assessed for both professional and graduate tuition and fees. Medical students who are not pursuing a combined-degree program may not enroll in graduate courses as part of their medical education program. Failure to follow this practice may require adjustments to both the student’s academic record and prior term assessment.

Other Fees

Indiana University and the School of Medicine assess other non-academic fees (e.g., Repair and Rehabilitation Fee). Information about these fees is provided to the student through the school’s Office of Student Financial Services and also posted annually by the IUPUI Office of the Bursar. Bills for each fall and spring semester include an assessment for half the annual premium for the required health insurance. Graduating seniors have a pro-rated amount shown on their spring semester bill. Students are provided with information annually from University Human Resources about how to waive the student health insurance premium. Students are required to submit this waiver annually. The medical microscopy fee is included with the fee statement for first- and second-year students (phase 1). The school assesses a general fee to cover services provided.

All tuition and fees are subject to change by university administrative action. Bills are electronic. A notification is sent to the student’s IUPUI email address letting him/her know a bill is available. The balance of the student account, his/her current bill, and an electronic bill history can be viewed by the student or a designated third party via One.IU.Edu portal. For exact academic year rates, the student may contact Medical Student Education.

All medical students are covered by a group disability insurance policy. The school pays for this policy on the student’s behalf.

Refund Policy

Refunds to first- and second-year students will be made in accordance with the term attendance schedule. Refund dates are governed by the official starting date of classes for each term based on the following schedule:

  • First week of classes: 100 percent.
  • Second week of classes: 75 percent.
  • Third week of classes: 50 percent.
  • Fourth week of classes: 25 percent.
  • Fifth week of classes and after: None.*

* For any Phase 1 students that are administratively required to stop attending classes during either the fall or spring semester, a fee adjustment for any courses that they have not started can be applied to their university account. The adjustment will be equivalent to the currently calculated per credit hour rate times the course credit hours not started. Fee adjustment will first be applied toward any outstanding account balance. Remaining credit balances may be refunded to the student.

Refunds to third- and fourth-year students (Phase 2 and Phase 3) may be prorated according to the number of units taken before withdrawal. Refunds will be applied toward any outstanding account charges. Remaining credit balances may be refunded to the student.

Since the school pays for each student to be covered by a group disability insurance policy, there is no refund of this cost when a student withdraws.

Financial Services

Student Financial Services offers services that include short-term loans; information on summer employment between the first and second years; apartment and mortgage letters; and other services related to the student’s financial well-being. The office is located in Fesler Hall, Room 224, Indianapolis. Students can contact the office by calling (317) 274-8568 or by emailing José Espada at jespada@iupui.edu. Financial aid information, including school and non-school sources of scholarships, can be found on the Financial Aid webpage. Free scholarship searches can be conducted on the IUPUI Financial Aid website at http://www.iupui.edu/~scentral.



Repair and Rehabilitation Fee: Fee assessed each term as required by the IU Board of Trustees. The fee is applied to the cost of repair work and maintenance for IU’s 900 buildings and associated infrastructure.

Medical student health premium: Fee assessed for coverage under the school’s approved student health insurance plan.

Medical student health waiver: Students who wish to waive the student health insurance must seek a waiver each term; the decision is based on Indiana University criteria. To be eligible, the student must have a health plan of his/her own that:

  • Provides coverage anywhere in the United States and emergency coverage internationally.
  • Has an annual deductible of $5,000 (individual)/$10,000 (family) or less.
  • Offers at least $1 million maximum benefit per policy year per condition.
  • Is in force for the current academic year. If the student involuntarily loses coverage before the end of the academic year, the student must contact the student health insurance coordinator within 30 days to apply for enrollment in Indiana University’s Professional Student Plan.

In-state medical tuition: Fee assessed for tuition and the general fee for Indiana resident students.

Out-of-state medical tuition: Fee assessed to include tuition and general fee for non-Indiana resident students.


Failure to comply could affect a student’s enrollment status.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Assistant dean for academic records and promotion Marti Reeser, Ed.D. (317) 274-2208 dreeser@iu.edu

Information and Forms

Financial Aid Information

Related Information

See Health Insurance and Disability Insurance Policy in Student Handbook.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 1/12/2017.

Approved by Medical Student Education 2/21/2017.

Administrative procedure updated: 5/10/2017 (Effective January 1, 2017)