Central Management of Visiting Students’ Electives Policy

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Policy Statement
Reason for Policy

Additional Contacts

Effective: 01/12/2017
Last Updated: 01/21/2020

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Senior associate dean for medical student education

Policy Contact:

RESPONSIBLE Registrar’s office, Director of clinical distinction curriculum; Elective Subcommittee
ACCOUNTABLE Curriculum Council Steering Committee; senior associate dean for medical student education
SUPPORT Elective Subcommittee
CONSULT General counsel
Phase 2 assistant dean
INFORM Elective course directors

LCME Standards

5.10 Resources Used by Transfer/Visiting Students
6.5 Elective Opportunities
8.1 Curricular Management
8.3 Curricular Design, Review, Revision/Content Monitoring
12.8 Student Exposure Policies/Procedures


The policy affects students visiting IUSM to seek elective educational experiences and faculty members who sponsor these activities, including course directors.

Policy Statement

Electives at IUSM exist to afford opportunities for medical students to further their training and experiences. The Elective Subcommittee oversees the creation of new electives and monitors existing electives. The Registrar’s Office coordinates visiting student electives. The Clinical Component Committee and the Curriculum Council Steering Committee, with the help of Medical Student Education, affirm sufficient breadth and availability of electives for IUSM and visiting students while approving the creation of new electives offered through the Elective Subcommittee.

Reason for Policy

This policy outlines the central management of electives for visiting students to ensure that IUSM students’ needs and elective choices are heeded before visiting students are admitted. This policy ensures that a favorable learning experience is available for all students, including visiting students.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee on 01/12/2017.


To ensure that IUSM students have sufficient time to plan their fourth year, no visiting medical students will be accepted for any elective before March 1 for the upcoming academic year. Opportunities are made available for visiting medical students only after the registration of IUSM students is completed. IUSM accepts applications for visiting medical students seeking fourth-year electives through the AAMC Visiting Student Application Service and who come from other LCME-accredited medical school programs in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada; colleges that are members of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine and are accredited by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation; or Sun Yat-Sen University in China.

Visiting students requesting electives at IUSM must be approved by departments. Acceptance or rejection notifications are sent electronically using VSAS.

The Clinical Component Committee will annually review the outcomes of the tracking process to understand school-level noncompliance and will review data for the appropriateness and determination of the threshold level of ambulatory instruction.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Phase 2 assistant dean MSE Operations (317) 274-1965 askmse@iu.edu
Director of clinical distinction curriculum MSE Operations (317) 274-1965 askmse@iu.edu
Clinical sciences curriculum specialist MSE Operations (317) 274-1965 askmse@iu.edu


Visiting Student Application Service


Original policy placed into template.
Approved by CCSC 01/12/2017.
Created “History” section. Updated contact information and revised “Procedures” date for visiting student elective availability to March 1 reflecting the April start date for Phase 3. 12/02/2019
Approved by CCC 12/03/2019.
Approved by CCSC 01/21/2020.