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Policy Statement
Reason for Policy

Additional Contacts

Effective: 11/30/2016
Last Updated: 11/29/2016

Responsible University Office:
Medical Student Education

Responsible University Administrator
Senior associate dean for medical student education

Policy Contact:
Chair, Educational Policy Subcommittee

RESPONSIBLE Educational Policy Subcommittee chair
ACCOUNTABLE Curriculum Council Steering Committee co-chair
SUPPORT Educational Policy Subcommittee members
Continuous Quality Improvement
CONSULT General counsel
Educational Policy Subcommittee member
Curriculum Council Steering Committee chair
INFORM Educational Policy Subcommittee members
Learning Technology, Medical Student Education

LCME Standards

1.4 Affiliation Agreements


This policy applies to all medical students and should be read and reviewed by clinical site educators, regional campus educators, and all faculty at large.

Policy Statement

Because the Indiana University School of Medicine is a multi-site school system that partners with multiple hospitals to provide medical training, it is important that students know that they must adhere to the rules and regulations of all systems governing any and all aspects of their education; therefore, any individual who enrolls in the Indiana University School of Medicine voluntarily places himself/herself under the rules and regulations of the university, the host campus, and affiliated hospitals and agrees to abide by them.

Reason for Policy

As part of the host-campus and affiliation agreements, both parties mutually agree to share the responsibility for educating students about policies and holding them accountable.


Approved by the Curriculum Council Steering Committee 11/29/2016.


Students should review the handbook and acknowledge the rules of the institution prior to Transitions 1.

Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Senior associate dean for medical student education; co-chair, Curriculum Council Steering Committee Bradley Allen, M.D., Ph.D. 317-278-7788
Assistant dean for medical student education; chair, Educational Policy Subcommittee Antwione Haywood, Ph.D. (317) 278-2891
Deputy general counsel Joseph Scodro, J.D. 317-274-5277


Policy revisions reviewed and edited 12/20/2016.