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The Department of Mental Health Service on Black History Month

This Black History Month, the Department of Mental Health Services (DMHS) would like to express appreciation for the IUSM Black community and their valued contributions to the advancement of medicine and medical education. We recognize that the journey of Black medical trainees may be filled with various challenges that are not always related to their medical education. Navigating historically White spaces and contending with a turbulent sociopolitical landscape brings with it its own difficulties.

We here at DMHS acknowledge the resiliency and preservation that are required to go through these experiences. As we begin this month of celebrating not only Black history but also Black achievements and Black culture, we at DMHS encourage you to spend some time reading, researching, and listening to the stories of those whose lived experiences may differ from your own. It is our hope that through engagement in these activities, you will experience an increase in understanding, perspective, and compassion which will lead to a more inclusive and collaborative learning and work environment.

Need a place to start?

Go Read

  1. A Dark Spot on a White Canvas: Thoughts on Being a Black Academic Psychiatrist
  2. Superhuman, but never enough: Black Women in Medicine
  3. Underrepresented Voices in Medicine tell their Stories

Go Research

  1. 10 African American Medical Pioneers
  2. Honoring Black Americans’ Contributions to Medicine
  3. The History of African Americans and Organized Medicine

Go Listen

  1. The Black Doctors
  2. Chocolate with a Side of Medicine
  3. Black Body Health: The Podcast

Need to talk?

For trainees: The Department of Mental Health Services is available to provide mental health and personal counseling services to all students, residents, and fellows. There are a few ways to access services:

  • To request an appointment with the Department of Mental Health Services, send a secure message via the online portal at or call 317-278-2383 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).
  • Medicine While Black: DMHS will be hosting a monthly drop-in space for all Black-identified IUSM medical trainees (MS1-MS4) looking to gain additional support navigating medical school and the demands of race-related stress. For more information about the drop-in group please contact Dr. Cameron Davis.
  • In an emergency, call 317-278-HELP (4357), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A licensed clinical health specialist will provide an assessment and help direct you to appropriate treatment options based on the situation. You may also call on behalf of a trainee if you are a family member, friend, or colleague concerned about their well-being. You may call anonymously if desired.

For IU Health employees:

For IU Employees:

The IU Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides 24/7/365 access to licensed mental health counselors via SupportLinc or 888-881- LINC (5462) for IU School of Medicine team members and their households