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Indy Transfer Orientation

IU School of Medicine offers the optional Indy Transfer Orientation for Phase 1, Year 2 students transitioning to Indianapolis for Phase 2.  

Indy Transfer FAQs 

Event Questions 

What is this event? Is it required? 

This event is for students to become integrated and familiar with the Indianapolis campus, leadership, and helpful resources before they make the transition for their clerkships. 

This orientation is optional, but strongly recommended for students transferring to Indianapolis for Phase 2 and clerkships. Prior students have found this event extremely helpful in knowing about all the resources that the Indy campus offers.  

What will transferring students get out of this event? 

What to expect at the Transitioning to Indy Orientation: 

  • Meet Deans, faculty, and staff who are available to support them during their transition and clerkship  
  • Learn about campus-specific resources 
  • Hear from a student panel about guidance for clerkships and life in Indy 
  • A career mentoring session 
  • A brief tour showing general locations for hospitals/library/parking 
  • Connect with other students 

Student Questions 


Where will we go to take out shelf exams?

Most clerkship “shelf” exams are given in the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, but there are a few exceptions. Each clerkship coordinator will provide detailed information on shelf exams at the start of the clerkship. 

Where do we go for academic help since we’ll be on a different campus?

You are encouraged to maintain your relationship with the Lead Advisor on your original campus. This is the person who will construct your MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) and has knowledge of your academic history. Many students find that Zoom meetings are a convenient way to stay connected. There may be opportunities for periodic in-person meetings when the regional campus Lead Advisors come to Indianapolis. 

IU School of Medicine is committed to ensuring students have the resources they need on their new campus. Reach out to Dr. Abigail Klemsz, assistant dean for academic advising, with any questions, concerns, or academic support issues. Students also soon have access to our new Learning Strategist, who can provide study strategies, resources, or referrals to peer tutors. Peer tutors are available for clerkships and Step 2 preparation. 

IU Medical Center Campus

What kinds of things do you need to buy or bring on rotation (e.g., BYO scrubs)? 

Scrubs are provided at all sites by the clerkship on a per clerkship basis. Upper class students may have more insight into useful pocketbooks for rotations. 


Is there a list of helpful shelf exam study books for each clerkship? 

Ruth Lilly Medical Library has access to all recommended texts for clerkships, and each clerkship will give out recommended readings at the beginning. Recommended texts include: 

  • Pocket Medicine (recommended for IM, useful for many) 
  • Maxwell pocket guide 
Where are the good study spots? 

Good study spots include: the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Daly Student Center, classrooms, and dedicated study space in Van Nuys Medical Science building (near the Student Affairs and Lead Advisor offices), Indianapolis Public Library, Ruth Lilly Law Library, and coffee shops like Starbucks, Thirsty Scholar, or Coat Check Coffee. 

Will there be adequate time to study? 

Time management is of utmost importance, as you are now essentially working full-time hours in addition to studying. There is often time to study during the day and based on student feedback, IUSM has now required that each clerkship has a dedicated study day when students have no clinical responsibilities and built-in time for exam preparation.  

Working with administration

How can I change my schedule, if necessary?  

Scheduling conflicts are taken on a case-by-case basis, but switching schedules is not the norm and requires coordinated agreement between students and administration. Schedule changes should be discussed with your Lead Advisor, Dr. Abigial Klemsz, and career mentor (if you have one already). 

Student Life

Where do people live? What is recommended housing? 

Many students choose to live downtown in apartments of varying price ranges (e.g., The Avenue, Gardens of Canal Court, Lockefield Gardens, Axis and many more). There are also homes for rent downtown in neighborhoods such as Fall Creek Place and Fountain Square. Many students choose not to live downtown, however, and live in popular areas such as Broad Ripple, Greenwood, Carmel, Speedway, and others.  

Is the gym free?

The IUPUI campus recreation membership is $50 per semester for students. When you become a member, you gain access to all of our facilities, including the new Jaguar Campus Recreation facility, the IU Natatorium, and NIFS. Membership also includes Campus Recreations’ full menu of fitness classes and intramural sports at no additional cost. Gym access for pickup games, lockers, and outdoor space are all included, too.

Learn more and sign up for a membership here.

Parking Information  

Here are some quick tips and useful information about parking once you transfer: 

IUPUI/IU Health 

  • View a map of campus parking here
  • Medical students have the option to purchase parking permits on a month-to-month basis, providing flexibility as the year progresses through IUPUI/IU Health. 
  • Visit IUPUI Campus parking for more information on permit fees and regulations.  
  • Hourly rates for the Riley Outpatient Center garage rates range from $5–$18 for up to 24 hours. Each garage is within two blocks of the school. 
  • Three nearby IUPUI parking garage options are: 

Staying Safe Parking 

  • As a medical student you might find your schedule creeping into the late hours of the night. To help prevent unnecessary anxieties, IUPUI Police provide a Safewalk escort program that’s available 24/7. Call 317-274-7233 (SAFE).  
  • Forget to make a monthly payment? IUPUI parking services provide students with the option of having parking payments deducted from their student bursar account, as well as offering services.  
  • Need a jump? If your car is parked in any IUPUI lot or garage, call J.A.G. services vehicle assistance at 317-278-4232 for assistance Monday-Friday 8am-10pm. Outside these hours contact Guerrero Towing Services at (317) 701-7448. 

Indianapolis Hospitals Outside Downtown 

  • Most hospitals offer some free or reduced parking.  


  • Your rate will depend on how frequently you visit the Eskenazi Health campus. A part-time rate is $20 per month; a full-time rate is $40 per month. Contact Info: (317) 880 – 4554 or