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American Messaging provides leased pagers to the IU School of Medicine, IU Health (Methodist, IU and Riley), VA and Eskenazi hospitals under separate contractual agreements.

Methodist, University Hospital, VA and Eskenazi provide pager service as a courtesy to the IU School of Medicine for the benefit of individuals who rotate among the hospitals. Service personnel are employees of the respective hospitals. Service is available during business hours at the service locations.

Service Locations

  • University Hospital (UH 1462), (317) 948-4563, Hours: 9am-4 pm, Tues & Thurs (Sarah Stallard/John Knerr are your main contacts for programming info, repairs and exchanges)
  • Methodist (E 708), Phone: 962-0033/962-9981, Hours: 9am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri
  • V.A. Hospital (I.S. Dept.), Phone: 988-4357, Hours: 8am-4:30pm, Mon-Fri
  • Eskenazi Health, (Lower Level Operator), Phone: 880-0000, Hours: 24 Hours

IUSM Medical Student Education Staff Contact: MSE Dean’s Office – – 274-1965 – MS 164

Medical Student Education staff coordinates the organization and delivery of pagers. All questions regarding programming and/or malfunctions should be directed to a service provider above.

Defective, Lost or Broken Pagers: Contact Sarah Stallard/John Knerr or a service location if it is defective or broken. Pagers are replaced with the same pager number in just a few minutes. These are the pagers the graduating class just returned and have not been tested, so if the pager does not work, even after installing a new battery, please see Sarah Stallard or John Knerr.

Graduating, Transferring or Withdrawn Students: Return of the pager is required at the time you leave IUSM. You may continue using a personal pager if you have one, but school and departmental staff will only use IUSM pagers to contact you.

After-Hours Loaner Pagers: For on-call emergencies – intended as an interim solution until service can be obtained.

  • University Hospital – Emergency Room – See the Charge Nurse
  • Methodist Hospital – Call Center (operator) – 962-2000
  • Riley Hospital – Emergency Room – See the Charge Nurse
  • VA Hospital – Call Center (operator) room C1002 – 988-0000 x5034
  • Eskenazi Health – Call Center Lower Level (operator) – 880-0000

Text Message Via Email: Brief messages up to 230 characters can be sent via email to SBC Ameritech alpha pagers. Send message to (xxxxxxx = 7-digit pager number of person you wish to contact.)

User manuals for all alpha-numeric (text) pager types can be found at Your pager model type can be found on the back of the pager (Both Titan II and III models use the same manual — See Titan III manual at the above website.) Pagecopy can be set up so that when you get a page on your pager, it will also send you a text message to your cell phone. To add that, please contact Sarah Stallard or John Knerr.