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Residency Information

— Application and Procurement —

Helping you find a residency

Some of the links here will help you with researching programs, some will help you plan your fourth year effectively, and others will help you understand how the early and regular matches work.

Primary Web Sites – Application and Match Registration

Title Description Type
ERAS Electronic Residency Application Service: You’ll use this site to submit applications. Opens for student use on July 1. Ext
NRMP National Resident Matching Program: You’ll use this site to register for the NRMP match and to submit your rank list of programs. Registration opens in mid-August. Statistics on past matches and general information on the match is currently available (see “Residency Match”). Ext
SF Match San Francisco Matching Program: used by early match specialties Child Neurology and Ophthalmology. Ext
AUA net American Urological Association Ext

Calendars and Timetables

Title Description Type
NRMP Timeline for general residency match Web
Urology Residency Match Schedule Timeline Ext

Background and Research

Title Description Type
FREIDA An online searchable database of residency information, developed and maintained by the AMA. Probably the most comprehensive listing of residency programs available. Provides contact information for residency programs as well as background institutional information. The best source for finding all the relevant programs in a given geographic area in a given discipline. Note: data is updated by residency programs and some program data may be out-of-date. Ext
Careers in Medicine A career planning program designed to help you choose a medical specialty and select and apply to a residency program. This four-phase process will guide you through the elements of career planning, including self-understanding, exploring a variety of medical careers, and finally choosing a specialty to meet your career objectives. Ext
NRMP Statistics Contains statistical tables and graphs for the Main Residency Match. Lists by state and teaching hospital every participating program, the number of positions offered, and the number matched. Ext
Urology Statistics Early Match Specialty Statistics for Urology. Ext
Ophthalmology Statistics Early Match Specialty Statistics for Ophthalmology. (Click on Statistics tab)


Title Description Type
LOR Request ERAS Request for Letter of Recommendation form PDF
ERAS Worksheet / Example ERAS Sample application. Use this to get an idea of the type of data needed for the ERAS common application form. PDF

Types Legend:
Form = Online Input Form
Instr = Instructions
Ext = Link to external site
PDF — You may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Also see NRMP FAQ’s