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Hospital Onboarding

VA Onboarding

Mandatory: Review Important Overview Information before beginning the steps outlined below.

Important Overview Information

Onboarding at the VA is managed by the VA Education Office.  The IUSM MSE Compliance Office will monitor your onboarding process with the VA, and assist you as needed with providing the required documentation to the VA.

It is imperative to note that IUSM students must begin the onboarding process no sooner than 60 days and no later than 30 days prior to rotation start.  

Whether you are scheduled for an inpatient clinical rotation or outpatient clinical rotation at the VA, you must complete the VA onboarding or recertification process. You will need to complete the onboarding process even if you are only working at an outpatient clinic on occasion during your rotation.

If you have previously rotated at the VA, you must renew your credentials to access the VA hospital facility. Please refer to Step 1, Item a. for the email addresses to initiate recertification. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to initiate the recertification process within 30 days of the date of your scheduled rotation at the VA.

Outlined below are the VA Education Office instructions regarding the timing and steps required to complete your onboarding process.  The VA Education Office will guide you through the onboarding process. The IUSM MSE Compliance Office will assist both you and the VA Education Office in ensuring your onboarding is complete prior to the beginning of your rotation at the VA. 

VA Education Office Onboarding Instructions

Step 1: Email the VA

  1. To begin the onboarding or recertification process, email the VA Education Office at and cc: to begin the onboarding process. Provide the following information:
    • Name (First, Middle & Last Name). Please do not use nick names or shortened versions of your name.
    • Class year
    • Phone number and email address
    • Name of course, rotation start/end date.
    • Have you rotated through and/or established an account at any VA facility before? If so, where was this facility located?

Step 2: Complete the TMS Training Module

  1. Complete the online TMS training module

VA TMS Instructions for Trainees (Download pdf file icon) Download VA TMS Instructions for Trainees

  2.  Print all three certificates (listed below) to verify completion of the module. You will need to save these documents for Steps 4 – 6. Make note of the completion date of these modules, as you will need this information following Step 8.

  • VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees
  • Privacy and HIPAA Training
  • VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees Refresher
  • Note: Returning students who have completed the original course should email the VA Education Department to determine if their certificates are still valid.  If not, they will forward the information necessary to update your certificates.

Step 3: Form Completion

Complete the documents listed below. You are required to fill out all pages; if there is a section that does not apply to you, simply leave it blank. You will need to save these documents for Steps 4 – 6.

Step 4:  Prepare for Fingerprinting and Background Check Appointment

  1. If you are completing your Fingerprinting and Background Check in Indianapolis, please skip to Step 5.
    • Note: You will bring the forms and certificates from Step 2 and 3 with you in-person to that appointment.
  2. If you are completing the Fingerprinting and Background Check for a VA facility outside of Indianapolis, you will need to mail the forms and certificates from Step 2 and 3 to the Indianapolis VA at least 10 days BEFORE fingerprinting in order to ensure your documents are received before scheduling your appointment (see Step 5).
    • Indianapolis VA mailing address: Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, 1481 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202, ATTN: EDUCATION DEPARTMENT – UME Program Manager
    • Note: Documents must be mailed to the Indianapolis VA at least 10 days BEFORE fingerprinting, even if you are completing the fingerprinting and background check at a VA facility outside of Indianapolis.
    • IMPORTANT:  If mailing in documents, please use an 8×11 envelope – DO NOT FOLD DOCUMENTS.
    • IMPORTANT:  Due to the COVID pandemic, many VA facilities are not currently offering courtesy fingerprints.  It is recommended that students who are located outside of Indianapolis contact the nearest VA facility well in advance of the needed services if wanting to do courtesy fingerprints, understanding that the service may not be available.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that trainees go to the Indianapolis VA to get fingerprints done.

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment for Fingerprinting and a Background Check

It takes 15 days for an account to be created after fingerprints have been adjudicated (following Step 6). Please plan accordingly in scheduling the fingerprinting appointment. Trainees will not be allowed to begin their VA rotation until all steps of the onboarding process are complete. Failure to complete all steps of the Onboarding process may delay the start of your clerkships/electives.

  1. For students coming to the Indianapolis VA:
    • Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:00 pm.
      • Although appointments are available throughout the day, it is preferred and recommended that these appointments be scheduled in the morning to lessen the interference with clinical duties.
  2. For students outside of Indianapolis:
    • Please refer to this document that includes a list of VA facilities that offer fingerprinting services. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO COVID, MOST LOCATIONS ARE NOT OFFERING COURTESY FINGERPRINTS AT THIS TIME.
    • Students must provide the SOI and SON codes below to the VA facility to ensure prints are digitally sent to the VA in Indianapolis.
      • SOI #VAB8
      • SON #1315
      • Be sure to complete the VA Fingerprint Request Form. List the Facility name as Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center.
    • After fingerprinting, students should email the VA at and provide the following information:
      • Full Name (first, middle, last)
      • Fingerprinting date
      • VA facility where you completed the fingerprinting
      • Phone number for the VA to reach you
    • Students outside of Indianapolis may go to another VA Facility.

Step 6: Fingerprinting and Background Check

This step will take approximately 30 minutes. Consider bringing phones/study material in case there are multiple trainees onboarding. (Note:  To avoid delays and/or unnecessary wait times, arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.)

  1. Email the following:
    • If you encounter any problems during the process, the VA Education Office should be your primary point of contact, not the VA IT Department or VA Personnel in other departments, as there may be certain legal or process considerations that only the VA Education Department is aware of.
    • Email current Clerkship/Elective coordinator to ensure proper absence permissions to onboard at the VA.  Make sure to include your appointment time and the Step that you are completing in the process. You should not need to take an entire day off from a Clerkship/Elective to onboard at the VA.
    • Email the Indianapolis VA Education Office (
  2. You must bring the following documents to the appointment: 
    • VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees
    • Privacy and HIPAA Training
    • VHA Mandatory Training for Trainees Refresher
    • The three TMS online training completion certificates that were completed with Step 2:
    • The five forms that were completed with Step 3:
    • Two forms of unexpired government-issued ID. (School-issued ID’s are no longer a valid form of ID). 
  3. Location for fingerprinting appointment at the VA:
    • VA Parking and Shuttle Instructions
    • IMPORTANT: The VA shuttles are up and running again. Please use the shuttles during your rotation. Any cars not properly tagged to park on campus are likely to incur a ticket – Federal tickets are much more expensive. You may use the garage when coming for appointments; however, during the rotation you must use offsite parking. You may still opt to park at IU and walk over if you have an IU parking permit.
    • Indianapolis: The Education Department is located on the 5th floor, Room D5018 in the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, 1481 West 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202. 
    • Note: Do not report more than 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
    • Outside of Indianapolis: See Step 5 for location recommendations.
  4. Students will receive instructions on the next steps at the end of the appointment.

Step 7: Receive Email Confirmation of VA Background Check Clearance

Once you receive an email notification from the VA confirming that your background check is clear, proceed with Step 8 within 1 week of receiving the email notification. 

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you begin Step 8 24 hours after receiving the email, as you will be making an appointment with the PIV Office.  The longer you wait to make that appointment, the longer it will take for the process to be completed.  We want to ensure that you are fully complete BEFORE your rotation start date.

  • Instructions for Step 8 are attached to the final instructions email. PLEASE READ IT THOROUGHLY!
  • Note: This verification only applies to the individual student receiving it and cannot be used by other students completing the VA Onboarding process. All students must start with Step 1 and complete all steps.

Step 8: Obtain PIV Badge and Computer Access


  1. Timing and location considerations:
    • This step must be completed within 5 days of receiving the final instruction email from the VA.  Their process has changed and delaying the completion will cause previously completed steps to expire.  You will not contact a Sponsor yourself, that will already be done for you prior to your receiving the final instructions.  YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS RECEIVED ON THE EMAIL EXACTLY!!
    • This step must be completed at the VA in Indianapolis.
    • This step takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.
    • Email your Clerkship/Elective Coordinator to ensure proper absence permissions to onboard at the VA.  Make sure to include the time you will go to the VA and the VA Onboarding Step that you are completing in the process. You should not need to take an entire day off from a Clerkship/Elective to onboard at the VA.
  2. Bring two forms of unexpired government-issued ID with you to complete this step.  (School-issued ID’s are no longer a valid form of ID) Refer to the list that was sent to you from the VA in their initial appointment email.
  3. You must complete the following steps in this order:
    • Ensure you have two forms of unexpired government-issued ID with you.  (School-issued ID’s are no longer a valid form of ID).
    • Report to the appointment you scheduled with the PIV Office (instructions for this appointment are located in the final steps email you received from the VA).  The PIV Office is now in the basement of the VA in Room CB066.  This appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you will leave with your new badge.
    • After you have your badge, you will go directly to the Education Department in Room D5018.
  • When you arrive at the Education Department, please inform the front desk staff that you are completing your onboarding and need your Access/Verify Code sheet to log into the system.  They will provide what you need at this point.
  1. This step should not take longer than 45 minutes to complete. This step must be completed in the following order:
    • You will need to log into the system (including VISTA and CPRS), using your new PIV badge.  PLEASE PROCEED TO THE VA EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (ROOM D5018) AND USE THE COMPUTERS THERE TO COMPLETE THIS STEP.  The staff in Education are there to help if needed. Once you log into the system using your PIV badge then your account should be valid for 30 days. If you do not log back into the system after receiving your PIV badge, then you run the risk of having to start the ENTIRE badging process again.


  • Once you have completed all of the foregoing onboarding/recredentialing steps, please send an email to the MSE Compliance Office at to inform them that you have completed the process.
  • To keep your access intact, you may opt to go over to the VA Education Department every 30 days to log into the System, CPRS and VISTA to keep your access active.  This will enable you to avoid having your account restored each time you return for a new rotation.  It is still advised to contact the Education prior to a rotation just to ensure you are clear.
  • Once all steps are completed, your access will be valid for one year from the date of the completion of the TMS modules. However, if you have completed a rotation at the VA but are returning later within that 365-day window, YOU MUST CONTACT THE VA EDUCATION DEPARTMENT NO LESS THAN 20 DAYS PRIOR TO RETURNING TO ENSURE ACCOUNT ACCESS. 
  • Students must take note of the completion date of their TMS Training modules because they will complete these modules every year, otherwise, their VA access will be terminated until modules are completed.

Community Health Network Onboarding

When you have been assigned to a clinical rotation at Community Health Network (CHNw) facilities, your statewide course coordinator will notify you, CHNw, and the MSE Compliance office to start the onboarding process.  Requests for onboarding must be submitted to Scott McNew, CHNw’s Medical Education Manager, at and cc: the MSE Compliance Office at  Once Scot McNew has received your initial email and determined the clinical rotation dates, he will provide you with onboarding information and forms to be completed.  (The forms for completion are also included below.)

The MSE Compliance office will work with you and the CHNW Medical Student Education office throughout the onboarding process to ensure that it is completed prior to the start of your scheduled clinical rotation. Onboarding is required for both inpatient and outpatient clinical rotations at CHNw.

Community Health Network (CHNw) requires a 60 day notice prior to the first day of a scheduled clinical rotation in order for onboarding to be complete.   If scheduling of your clinical rotation has fallen less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the rotation, it is imperative that you reach out to the MSE Compliance Office immediately upon notification of scheduling by the statewide course coordinator in order to facilitate rapid onboarding or recredentialing with CHNw. 

Regardless of whether you have previously rotated at a CHNw facility, you must follow the onboarding instructions provided by CHNw through completion in a timely manner.  Onboarding or recredentialing must be completed prior to the start of your scheduled clinical rotation.  Failure to complete onboarding in advance of your scheduled clinical rotation may result in your clinical rotation to another facility or postponement. 

Please send all email correspondence and completed forms regarding CHNw onboarding to both Scott McNew, the Manager of Medical Student Education at CHNw at and Valerie Robbins, MSE Compliance Specialist at

Onboarding Process


Orientation is required for all medical students scheduled to complete a clinical rotation at CHNw and includesissue of your network ID badge and access card, training on CHNw’s intranet system and EPIC (regardless of previous training).   Orientation is an in person event and cannot be completed virtually. 

Once you have notified CHNw and the MSE Compliance Office of your upcoming clinical rotation, CHNw will send you an emailed Outlook calendar invitation with specific date, time, and location information for your CHNw Orientation.

Orientation includes issuance of your network ID badge and access card, training and certification for CHNw’s intranet and EPIC system (regardless of previous EPIC training and experience).  

As a general rule, Orientation classes are offered on Mondays at 8:00 AM at the Community Hospital North campus. Class will begin promptly at 8 AM, and admittance is not allowed beyond 8:15 AM. Please use designated employee parking only while at any CHNw facility. This class will conclude by 12:30 PM.

Please note that it is recommended that you bring your own earbuds or headphones for Orientation.

Required Forms

The following forms must be completed and returned to Scott McNew at Community Health Network via email to  Remember to cc: MSE Compliance at on all onboarding correspondence to CHNw.

(Please click the link above to access the form.)

Completion and submission of this form will allow you to be granted a security access control card and identification badge, which must be done prior to your scheduled clinical rotation.  You cannot access CHNw clinical areas without each of these items being complete. 

The form includes a line for you to include your entire Social Security number (SSN) on the top of this form.  You must provide CHNw with your entire SSN in order for you to gain access to the necessary CHNw systems that you will access during your clinical rotation.

The MSE Compliance office strongly recommends that you secure your personal information, including your SSN, when transmitting completed forms including this information electronically via email.  CHNw has access to the IUSM encryption system.  Please encrypt your email to CHNw and MSE Compliance including your completed form. 

This form is used by CHNw for not only non-employed physicians, as the form is labeled, but also for medical students and other allied health professionals.  If you have questions on completing the form, please contact MSE Compliance at  

  • EPIC Transcripts

Community Health Network utilizes the EPIC system.  If you have already received EPIC training, please submit your EPIC transcripts via email to Scott McNew, cc: MSE Compliance, in anticipation of your onboarding orientation.

Please note that attendance at Orientation is required, regardless of previous EPIC training.  However, upon approval by CHNw of submitted EPIC transcripts, you will receive credit for the EPIC training class that follows Orientation.

Instructions on how to extract your learning transcript from HealthStream for submission to CHNw is provided here.

Please review the Medical Student Notes for CMS Preceptor Information document, provided here.

  • CHNw Standards of Behavior

Please review and sign the Community Standards of Behavior form, provided here.

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  • Medical Student Application Form

Please complete, sign, and return the CHNw Medical Student Application form, provided here: AY 22-23 Medical Student Application.pdf (Download pdf file icon) Download AY 22-23 Medical Student Application.