Phase 3 (Year 4)

Phase 3 of medical of training emphasizes professional development activities, individualized career exploration and advanced clinical learning to prepare students for residency. In this phase, students engage in robust clinical experiences that feature progressive levels of direct responsibilities in patient care. In addition, students explore the importance of foundational science knowledge in clinical settings and develop ongoing self-directed, lifelong learning processes.



Career Development and Residency Preparation

The Career Development Office helps students select a specialty, prepare for residency and achieve professional goals.

Financial Aid

All graduating students are required to complete a Financial Aid Exit Survey. Learn more about other financial aid services.

Graduation Questionnaire (GQ)

Taking the Graduation Questionnaire (GQ) empowers students to share their summative experiences with the school. Your feedback leads to rapid and ongoing changes, is important for continued LCME accreditation and provides important benchmarks for the school. The GQ opens in late winter during Phase 3 and closes after graduation. Completion of the GQ is a professionalism expectation of all medical students.

IU Health Access

The IU Health Physician Education site covers all health system access such as CareWeb, Cerner, etc.

Email Account Transition after Graduation

Your IU email address will expire two semesters after graduation. Ensure you redirect your messages or keep your email address by setting up an Alumni Association account.

Post-Graduation Insurance

IU School of Medicine students are insured under the Med Plus Advantage group disability policy sponsored by the AMA Insurance Agency. Because students lose this coverage upon graduation from medical school, the AMA Insurance Agency has given graduating students the option to purchase their own individual “own occupation” disability insurance policy without having to answer medical questions or provide lab work.

  • The policy is issued without exclusions regardless of your medical history and is issued at rates permanently discounted by 10%.
  • Coverage starts at $2500 per month with the right to increase the monthly benefit to $15,000 per month upon finishing residency.
  • Rates start as low as $40 per month and payment for this coverage can be delayed to as late as September 1, 2019 to help you get on your feet financially.
  • Additional details on this policy can be found at
  • To receive a quote for this coverage you should contact Nolan Breitbarth of Doctors Disability Insurance group at or 317– 431–6193.

NOTE: IU School of Medicine does not endorse this product, the information is made available to you as a convenience.