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About Third Year

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Refer to this site’s academic calendar.

Clerkship Calendar and FAQs

Third Year Rotation Schedule

  1. Do we rank which order we schedule each rotation?
    The preferencing screen allows students to show which rotation they want, where, and when. If a center has a spot during the time they want the rotation, they can preference that center. The centers do not have spots for Indy students for all clerkships for all rotations, only some. They enter their preferences in order of preference. So, whatever they want the most should be listed at the top of their preferences.
  2. Do we get to rank which hospital we do each rotation?
    Not through the Registrar’s office. Students will be asked by each clerkship to rank their preferences for site and sometimes service for that specific clerkship. The only exception to this is for Emergency Medicine in the fourth year. Students can preference by rotation and site. This may be something to shoot for next year, but the clerkships are asking to assign this year.
  3. What are options for electives?
    See elective catalog and talk with a lead advisor
  4. Are we going to have each Medicine rotation consecutively (4 weeks followed by 4 weeks) (same for Peds, Gensurg/Surg subspecialty)?
    Yes, the 8 week clerkships are scheduled as an 8 week rotation, not 2 separate 4-week rotations. Although they may potentially switch locations in between the four weeks.

Other Academic Events


USMLE licensing exams are coming up again, so remember to visit the USMLE website.

Electives and Residency

Elective Program

The Elective Program provides each student with the opportunity to select elective courses in areas of his/her interest.
Third-year students are eligible to take certain electives. All electives must be approved by your academic advisor.

To learn about the Elective Program, view the Electives overview.

What electives can third-year students take?


Residency Program Directors Survey: Results of the annual NRMP Program Director Survey

Essential Forms

VA Hospital in Indianapolis

VA Hospital requires the following forms to be sent by April 9, 2018 for rising MS3 students.

Please mail forms to:
Education Service
Roudebush VAMC
1481 W 10th Street C-B110
Indianapolis, In 46202

Student Affairs Information

Student Affairs (SA) is located in the Van Nuys Medical Science Building. The registrars office is located in MS 160 and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

MSE Registrar — 317-274-1970

IU Health Access

IU Health Physician Education
(covers all your health systems access such as CareWeb, Cerner, etc.)

Registration/Fee Payment

Please go to Financial Aid web page for more information.

Email Information

2 options to keep your email: UITS or Alumni Association

Keep your IUPUI email address after graduation


Printing subsidy — Part of the student technology fee at the IUSM–Indy campus is used to offset students’ printing costs. Third and fourth year students receive an allotment of 200 pages each. You can use your Jagtag (student ID) to print for free in the Medical Library and in MS016A.

When your subsidy is almost exhausted, notify Card Services to switch to your own funds. (The switch-over doesn’t happen automatically until you hit zero, and when it does, you could lose printing capability until the next morning.)

Pager Service

Who to contact with problems, read manuals, and other relevant information.

Technology Pages

For more about technology resources at IUSM, see technical information pages.


Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead: Specialities

Thinking about specialities? Visit Careers In Medicine — an AAMC Website.

Thinking Ahead: Fourth Year Planning

Class of 2020 Town Hall Advice for Planning Fourth Year from the Class of 2019

Changing Appointments
at Prometric Test Centers