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Step 2 CK Guide

Class of 2023

Where do I start?

Here’s a guide to help you successfully complete your Step 2 CK exam, a vital Phase 3 milestone and graduation requirement. We hope this guide will make preparing for the exams easier.

  • Contact your Lead Advisor to develop an individualized study plan.

When should I schedule my Step 2 exams?

  • Exam slots fill up quickly so we recommend scheduling as soon as possible, but no later than April 1, 2022, so that you have the best options for dates and locations.
  • The earlier you schedule, the more options you’ll have for dates and locations.

When should I take Step 2 CK?

  • The deadline for taking Step 2 CK is 4 weeks before the ERAS deadline. We anticipate a late September ERAS deadline, so recommend scheduling your exam before the end of August. This ensures that your scores are available in time for inclusion in your ERAS application.
  • We will be reaching out to you if you are not scheduled to take your exams by the deadline.

How do I prepare for the Step 2 exams?

  • Take advantage of the online practice materials from USMLE! This is a crucial part of your Step 2 CK preparation plan!
  • Step 2 CK Official test resources.
  • STEPS PRESENTATION on Longitudinal Learning: Using Clerkships to Perform on Step 2 CK
  • Comprehensive Clinical Science Exam (CCSE) will be given on April 29, 2022. This exam is meant to help you determine your strengths and areas for improvement in your Step 2 knowledge.
  • CK study tips.
  • Work with a tutor.

How do I register for Step 2 CK?

  • You must register through the NBME.
  • Your registration will be verified by the registrar’s office. You do not need to submit any additional documentation.
  • When registering, choose “015010 – Indiana University School of Medicine” even if you are a regional campus student.
  • When you register for your exam, you will choose a 3-month window of eligibility.
  • Schedule your exam with Prometric.

What if I plan to apply for accommodations?

  • Students who plan to apply for accommodations for Step 2CK are encouraged to apply early.
  • The NBME can take a minimum of 60 business days to review applications for accommodations.
  • Reach out to Dr. Abby Klemsz ( for help with your application for  accommodations.

What happens if I fail Step 2CK?

  • We will work with you to help you reschedule the exam.
  • We will help you with your study plan and can connect you to tutors to help with your preparation.
  • You will need to meet with Dr. Rusk to discuss how your Step 2 CK failure will affect your ERAS application and competitiveness.

What should I do if I feel overwhelmed?

The student affairs team is here to support you! We believe in you! We also know that this can be a very stressful time, so we have worked to make a lot of different resources available to help you. Mental Health Services are available to work with students on issues such as test anxiety that might prevent them from performing well on exams. All MHS services are confidential. You can log into the Mental Health Services Patient Portal to schedule appointments, access virtual care or communicate with the department or contact the program coordinator at 317-278-2383 to set up a time to meet with any of the providers.

Other important test notes

  • Save a copy of your score – IU School of Medicine can’t provide a copy to residency programs.
  • Phase 2 financial aid includes resources to pay for Step 2 CK.
  • We recommend completing ALL Phase 2 clerkships before taking your Step 2 exams.
  • Take Step 2 CK when you feel confident in your ability to achieve your goal score!