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Phase 2 Plan for Delay/Remediation/Retake 2021-2022

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Exam Retake

  • Students can retake one clerkship exam
    • Remediations of clerkship exam failures (ID-MK) count as the student’s one retake
  • Retakes will be scheduled May 6, 2022 and students will sign up for one retake (if they haven’t delayed or remediated an exam).  These retakes should be used to raise your grade eligibility based on NBME score and will be scheduled after all exams are taken, but before all grades are posted.

Exam Failures

  • Students who fail the clerkship exam and remediate will only be eligible for PASS and not HP or HONORS for the clerkship
  • Students will be allowed to continue with their scheduled clerkships after one clerkship exam delay or clerkship exam failure
  • Students who accumulate a second deficiency (delay or ID-MK) will be paused in their clerkships until all deficiencies are passed/remediated
    • Students will study at least 3 weeks for each exam without other obligations and will take exams on scheduled clerkship exam dates
    • If they pass both they return to their schedule
    • If they do not pass both, they may be referred to SPC
  • If they fail a third subject exam, they may be referred to SPC

Exam Delays

  • Students are limited to one delayed clerkship exam during Rotations 1, 2, 3 or 4 (No delays are available in Rotations 5-12 without a clerkship pause)
    • Delayed clerkship exams count as the student’s one retake
  • Vouchers are a required mid-point quiz that will count for 2-3% of the clerkship grade that will help students determine their knowledge base and their areas for improvement
  • Students who are concerned about their mid-point performance and readiness for the NBME can consult with the Assistant Dean for Academic Advising (Dr. Klemsz) to discuss a possible exam delay
  • All delay and remediation exams not completed during Phase 2 will be scheduled for Monday, May 16, 2022.  Students taking delay or remediation exams on May 16, 2022 will not be allowed to schedule anything in R1.

CCSE Examination

  • All students are required to take the CCSE on April 29, 2022 in preparation for their Step 2 CK exam.