Preferencing and Scheduling Information

As you are aware, as part of the new Phase 2 curriculum plans for the 2018-2019 academic year, you will remain at your home campus for the first 2 rotations (2 four week or 1 eight week) following Transitions 2. This will allow you to start your clinical experiences in a familiar environment and potentially work with clinicians you have interacted with in your first two years. As a reminder, if we need to move a student away from their current home campus for a Phase 2 rotation at any time in the year, housing will be provided for them. Please note our travel and transportation policies:

Our goal is to help tailor your schedule to your needs as best as possible. Therefore, the next steps involve preferencing, which we have expanded from prior years in order to better meet your goals.


When preferencing opens, we will ask you to determine your priorities for scheduling. This involves 3 components in order of importance for you.

  1. Please let us know your preferred 1-month vacation time. If there are critical considerations (marriage, birth of a child…), please let us know in the comments.
  2. If you have a preferred rotation time of a particular clerkship as a top priority, please indicate it accordingly.
  3. We will ask you to list preferred times for each rotation and your top 3 campus choices for each rotation. We understand that you have preferenced a campus overall, but there are times when travel may be required to ensure that you have the best learning experience for a given rotation. By you indicating other preferred campuses (you may have family, friends or campus connections), it allows us to do our best to accommodate your preferences.

It is our desire to meet as many preferences as possible and we will do everything we can within the number and distribution of rotation options and numbers of student requests for those sites/times/locations. Please understand that it is not always feasible. Your entering this data guides us, but does not guarantee a particular location or time.

Preferencing Schedule

Preferencing will open on Monday November 20th at 12:00 PM EST and will close on Friday, December 1st at 5:00pm EST. Further specific instructions will be sent in an email closer to that date.