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Phase 2 Academics


White Coat Ceremony

The White Coat Ceremony marks a transformation for students entering their clinical phase of medical school.

Orientation to Clerkships

Half day virtual orientation to the clerkships which will review key information prior to the start of the Phase 2 experience.

Transitions 2 (T2)

Transitions 2 (T2) is a mandatory course at beginning of Phase 2. The course builds upon Phase 1 experiences by helping students develop the skills required to serve as a high-functioning member of a health care team during Phase 2 and beyond.

Health Systems Science 3: Sessions to Enhance Physician Success (STEPS)

This is a mandatory Curriculum component. (See Rotation Schedule to see where STEPS occurs)

More to come.

Required Clerkships

  • OB-GYN/Anesthesia (8 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (Four weeks)
  • Internal Medicine (Eight weeks)
  • Neurology (Four weeks)
  • Pediatrics (Eight weeks)
  • Psychiatry (Four weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)


Instead of taking a vacation month during Phase 2, students may take any IU School of Medicine elective that is approved for third-year students, including up to two Career Exploration Electives. Additionally, during the two-week period juxtaposed with anesthesia, students may take a two-week elective or vacation.

  • Vacation
    • You will have a four- week block that can be used for Vacation or Electives.