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Phase 2 Academics


Schematics for Class of 2024. April: Required curriculum (OTC/T2/Step5), May: Family Medicine 4 weeks, June: OB/GYN 6 weeks, July: Anesthesia 2 weeks, August: Elective/Vacation, September: Step5 (2 days) and Surgery 8 weeks, Nov: Step5(2 days) and Medicine 8 weeks, Dec: same as Nov but winter break added at end and not Step5, Jan: Psychiatry 4 weeks, Feb: Neurology 4 weeks, March: Step5 (3 days) and Pediatrics 8 weeks.

Orientation to Clerkships

Half day virtual orientation to the clerkships which will review key information prior to the start of the Phase 2 experience.

Transitions 2 (T2)

Transitions 2 (T2) is a mandatory course at beginning of Phase 2. The course builds upon Phase 1 experiences by helping students develop the skills required to serve as a high-functioning member of a health care team during Phase 2 and beyond.

Sessions to Enhance Physician Success (STEPS)

This is a mandatory Curriculum component. (See Rotation Schedule to see where STEPS occurs)

More to come.

Required Clerkships

  • OB-GYN/Anesthesia (8 weeks)
  • Family Medicine (Four weeks)
  • Internal Medicine (Eight weeks)
  • Neurology (Four weeks)
  • Pediatrics (Eight weeks)
  • Psychiatry (Four weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)


Instead of taking a vacation month during Phase 2, students may take any IU School of Medicine elective that is approved for third-year students, including up to two Career Exploration Electives. Additionally, during the two-week period juxtaposed with anesthesia, students may take a two-week elective or vacation.

  • Vacation
    • You will have a four- week block that can be used for Vacation or Electives.