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Phase 2 (Year 3)

Important COVID-19 Information

Our ongoing updates due to COVID-19 are found here:
COVID Information

Congratulations on completing Phase 1 of medical school! You’ve successfully completed your pre-clinical training. To date, you have felt like a traditional student, going to class and practicums–that all changes now. You are part of the clinical team now, a professional who comes to work each day, trying to make a difference in the lives of your patients while you learn about medicine on the job.

Phase 2 marks the beginning of clinical clerkships. During clerkships, students gain hands-on specialty-specific skills that will help them choose a specialty for residency. Transitions 2 and Session to Enhance Physician Success (STEPS) supplement clinical experiences with vital information that expands student knowledge. Your clerkships will expose you to key areas of medicine that are critical to know, regardless of your ultimate career choice. It is a great time in your careers and each day will be filled with something new.

Calendars & Schedules

Courses, Clerkships, Electives, and Selectives


Students are reminded to submit either a Time Away/Schedule Conflict or Professional Development Opportunity (PDO) request for all time away from the curriculum.  Both types of requests can be made through the same online form.

  • Printing

    Printing subsidy — Part of the student technology fee at the IUSM–Indy campus is used to offset students’ printing costs. Third and fourth year students receive an allotment of 200 pages each. You can use your Crimson Card  (student ID) to print for free in the Medical Library and in MS016A.

    When your subsidy is almost exhausted, notify Card Services to switch to your own funds. (The switch-over doesn’t happen automatically until you hit zero, and when it does, you could lose printing capability until the next morning.)