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Preparing for Professional Practice (PPP)

Preparing for Professional Practice (PPP) is a 1-credit longitudinal Phase 1 course focused on improving pre-clerkship students’ critical appraisal skills as they evaluate medical literature.

Topics are aligned with students’ basic science courses and relevant health systems science principles are discussed.

After completing this course students will have better critical appraisal skills and be able to think systemically about how research findings have implications for health systems and patient care.

Course Objectives

  1. Apply principles of evidence-based medicine (EBM), scientific method, and biostatistics to critically appraise medical literature and conduct research. (MK4, 5, 6;)
  2. Develop critical thinking and analytic skills by discussing medical literature in small groups. (ICS3; PBLI2)
  3. Develop communication skills by presenting medical research in small groups and providing peer feedback. (ICS3; PBLI3)
  4. Apply knowledge of EBM, biostatistics, epidemiology, and health systems science to evaluate the impact therapeutic or treatment options have on health systems and patient care, especially underserved, vulnerable, and diverse communities. (MK4, SBP2, SBP3)
  5. Develop self-awareness by engaging in critical reflection and articulate how self-awareness impacts patient care and individual well-being. (PBLI3, PBLI4) 6. Develop self-directed and life-long learning skills by identifying gaps in knowledge or performance and creating goals for improvement. (PBLI1, PBLI2. ICS3)