FAQs for Incoming Students

Check back each week to see answers to new FAQs. This page was last updated on 07-16-2018.

1) What do I need to know about Basic Life Support (BLS)?

Please refer to your MedHub or the initial email you received from MedHub.

2) How do I pay for my medical instruments?

  • Medical instruments are included in the cost of attendance. Therefore, you can use your financial aid to pay for them or you can pay out of pocket. Contact The Medical Store directly if you would like them to hold your order until your financial aid funds are disbursed. You will need to have your instruments package for Transitions 1, which starts on Aug. 6.

3) I’m confused about Outlook/Exchange. How do I set up my email properly?

  • All IU School of Medicine students must use IU’s exchange email account. You cannot use gmail, umail or imail. This is to ensure that patient data stays secure and you have access to all IU School of Medicine resources. Check out this knowledge base article or the step-by-step guide below for more information on setting up email.
  • Here’s the step-by-step guide to ensure your email is set up properly:
    • Make sure you have an @iu.edu email address (some of you may already have this)
      • Log in to the access management system in One.IU.edu
      • Click on “Create email address”
      • Select email address “username@iu.edu”
      • Click “Create Address”
    • Set up your primary email address
      • Log in to the access management system in One.IU.edu
      • Click on “Set your primary email”
      • Select “username@iu.edu”
    • Set up forwarding to exchange
      • Log in to the access management system in One.IU.edu
      • Click on “forward email”
      • Click on “Set delivery for the address(es) to the IU email service:” and select “Exchange”
    • Set up your email on your secure phone or mobile device
    • Still having problems? Contact UITS for troubleshooting help.

4) What does the academic calendar look like for the first year of medical school?

5) How do I contact IU’s technical support?

6) How do I join the peer mentoring pen pal program?

7) In regard to the BLS, what needs done before orientation and what can be done at orientation? I know this has been answered, but I’m still a little confused.

Please refer to your MedHub or the initial email you received from MedHub.

8) Will there be a Student Interest Group fair or expo during orientation? Any more info on how folks across the state can get involved in these groups? Is there a master list of group or liaison contact info?

All students are encouraged to join Specialty Interest Group (SIG) Clusters for specialties they’re interested in. Phase 1 (first-year) students have the opportunity to not only get involved, but to serve as their campus liaison for statewide events. The SIG clusters are designed to promote unity and early career explorations across the state.

There will be a Get Involved Fair from 12:20-1:50 pm, Thursday, Aug. 2 at Orientation coordinated by the Peer Mentoring Committee and Medical Student Council leadership. Representatives from various clubs and organizations will have sign-up sheets to get on their email lists. Many campuses across the state also take advantage of the student involvement opportunities through their host campus. Students can learn more about their campuses resources through campus specific welcome activities during Transitions 1. To get an idea of current groups, check out this list of SIGs. Please note that this list and SIG resources are currently in the process of being updated over the summer.

9) Prior to orientation, do we have to complete everything from the MedHub list that was sent to us on Tuesday, July 3?

Please refer to your MedHub or the initial email you received from MedHub.

10) Hey guys, on one of the email checklists we received it mentions a deadline for ordering medical supplies from the store. I was just wondering if this isn’t necessarily required considering we can already have some of the supplies we’ll need for first year. Just trying to save money where I can, thanks for the help.

We are still double checking this answer but this is the consensus so far. Please check back for any updates.
Some items are needed the first day of class, whereas other items are needed later in the year. We recommend purchasing all of the supplies at one time so that there is no concern of not having all the supplies when you need them. If you are concerned about having enough funds before your financial aid comes in, check out FAQ #2. If you already have some supplies, we still recommend you purchase new supplies from the medical supply package to ensure you have supplies of the proper quality. Unless you have the same supplies recommended on the list.

11) So okay, for real, is everyone wearing business casual to orientation or can we go more casual?

Here’s your what-to-wear guide for each day of orientation:

  • Monday: Casual
  • Tuesday: Casual
  • Wednesday: Very casual
  • Thursday: Business casual
  • Friday: Business casual

But what does that even mean? While not exhaustive, here are some general guidelines for each attire situation.

  • Casual: These days are casual but you still want to put your best foot forward. Some ideas include wearing: a casual dress; nice jeans, pants, or a skirt and a shirt or blouse. Basically, wear what feels comfortable but leave the ratty jeans and sneakers at home!
  • Very Casual: On Wednesday, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside peers, faculty and staff at the service project. Even school leadership will be wearing comfortable, casual clothes. Feel free to wear a t-shirt and jeans—anything you won’t mind getting paint or dirt on! Oh, and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Business Casual: On these days you’ll be getting your photo taken—both in candid shots and for your school portrait. We recommend slacks, nice pants, skirts, dresses, button up shirts or blouses, and nice shoes. Ties are optional. Present yourself in a professional way you’ll be proud to look back at in photos!

12) On the MedHub website, I am only seeing BLS course dates for July 23-26. Will there be any courses available on the Monday and Tuesday of orientation week, and if so, how do we sign up?

Please refer to your MedHub or the initial email you received from MedHub.

13) Will the recent I-65 closures affect my commute to campus?

The I-65 highway construction is set to finish on August 5, which may affect your travel to the Indianapolis campus. Learn more about the construction and alternate paths to campus.

14) Does anyone know when we’ll start receiving class schedules (if we haven’t already)? I haven’t heard anything about that. Thanks!

Hold tight! We’re working on the schedules and hope to have a draft to you next week. For now, plan on being available from 8 am – 5 pm for at least the first two weeks of class.

15) What do I need to know about Health Insurance?

  • Just to clarify – in terms of the health insurance requirement, we will be charged the fee initially, and then will have to submit the paperwork to prove we have pre-existing coverage after that point? Is there any way to submit our proof of coverage now to avoid that fee and the paperwork?
    • Unfortunately, no.
  • Is the health insurance waiver up and accessible yet? I found the portal to it but when I select the waiver it says “you are not eligible for the waiver”.
    • Until you are registered for the semester, you can’t be billed. All incoming students should be registered by the week of July 16. Look for an email on the waiver process shortly after. The email should come from University Human Resources. Email studenhc@iu.edu with any questions.
  • Where can we find information on the health plan we are provided through IUSM?
    • The health insurance plan details for the 2018-19 academic year will be detailed in the waiver email that will be coming out in the next week or so. You can also view the 2018-2019 health insurance plan information
  • Is this an international health plan?
    • Yes, the student health insurance plan covers students internationally.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible for us to waive the plan for ourselves but have a dependent still be on it?
    • You would not be able enroll dependents if you, the student, are not on the plan. One suggestion for a dependent is using the CHIP program.

16) Are there color requirements for the scrubs? I’m going to just get some from Goodwill.

There are no color requirements for scrubs in the human structures (anatomy) course. Feel free to have some fun with your color choices. P.s. great idea finding scrubs at Goodwill!

17) Is there a formal invite letter of some sort for the white coat ceremony? (That we can send to family and friends).

At this time, no there is not. Based on the capacity of the theater, each student is given up to three tickets (not including the student). Students who request additional tickets will receive notification regarding status of their request to their IU email address by Friday, July 20. Historically speaking, most additional requests will be accommodated with standby tickets (admission to the theater, but not necessarily a seat in the theater). Reserved tickets will be available for pick up on Friday during the white coat distribution.

18) Has tuition been set for first-year students in the 2018-2019 year yet? I have the tuition estimate, but I want to know exactly how much money in loans to accept.

You can find the current 2018-2019 tuition rate on our website. To only accept loans for tuition and fees (not including the student health insurance), the amount is $35,599. This means that a student will have to do a multiplication first of $35,599 times the 1.01066 origination fee that puts the grand total at $35,978. The student would then have to accept the $20,500 first and then $15,478 of the Additional Unsub Loan. From a technical standpoint, students aren’t officially billed until July 23, 2018 based on the Bursar’s calendar. Students can see enrollment before that data, but not charges.

19) I’m having trouble accessing the IU Campus Health Portal. When I click “visit the patient portal”, I get an error message that tells me that my login has failed. Does anyone know who I need to contact to make an IU patient portal account?

Email healthsv@iupui.edu with your IU email address to trouble shoot the issue!

20) How does parking on the Indianapolis campus work?

Students on the Indianapolis campus should arrange for parking prior to the required orientation session on Wednesday, August 1. In order to be able to get a parking pass or go to CrimsonCard services students have to be officially enrolled in the system. All incoming medical students should be officially added as a registered student to the system the week of July 16. Once you are registered you can go to the IUPUI parking services website to purchase a pass.

21) What is a fit test and how do I get signed up for one?

A fit test is required annually for all IU School of Medicine students and ensures that students have an appropriate respirator fit. Learn more about fit testing​ from Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Please refer to your MedHub or the initial email you received from MedHub for directions on how to sign up for a fit test.

22) What’s the update on registration? Are we registered yet?

All incoming medical students were registered July 17 with the exception of students who were communicated to about a hold on their record that prohibited them from being registered. Registered students are able to access all IUPUI services now including parking, card services and computer software. If you have not received it yet, the student health insurance waiver will be sent out shortly. Also, registration generally triggers assessment of tuition and fees, which will be done on July 23 as part of the IUPUI Bursar billing process.

23) In regards to the fit test, do we have to get it done before classes start or can we get it done during the first week of class? With orientation being the week before classes start, I’m finding it to be a little difficult to schedule it.

The fit testing deadline has been extended to August 30. Please do not schedule your fit testing during the orientation session (Wednesday afternoon – Friday mid-day)

24) Where can we park for BLS training in Wile Hall?

Check out this map for more information.

25) Who’s reading which books for Common Read?

Take the facebook poll and find out!

26) How much time will we have between the end of the “Vendor, Resource Fair, & Photo Sessions” event and the start of the White Coat Ceremony? The orientation schedule doesn’t list an end time for the event preceding the ceremony.

Most students should be done no later than 1:30 pm.

27) I just got a new laptop, and I was wondering which programs I should already have downloaded on my computer and which I could get for free from IU. For instance, should I purchase Microsoft office, or can I get that for free?

Here’s the list of requirements and software overview. At the bottom of the page there are links to software and hardware deals!

28) Not sure if this was answered but when/how do we register for classes? Thanks!

The school registers for you! So, you don’t have to worry about selecting classes.

29) Which Annual IU Health Physician Education Modules are required, and how do you access them from the Center for Physician Education website? Thanks!

If you are in MedHub and click the link under IU Health Modules, it should take you to the CPE website. Once you’ve logged in, it should take you to the tab that says “app students.” Instead, click the “education portal” tab. There are five required courses listed there.

30) How and when should we get our CrimsonCards?

Check out the full instructions in the checklist. Feel free to wait until after you’ve received your picture from the school-provided white coat portrait sessions during orientation and use that photo for your ID. When selecting a pickup location, be sure choose the CrimsonCard Services office on your home campus. If you are at a campus that does not offer Crimson Card Services, CAITS will pick them up and facilitate delivery to you.

31) What is our exam schedule?

Check out the exam schedule on the Class of 2022 Canvas Page under “Additional Information” modules.

32) How do parking passes work for orientation week?

Orientation Week Parking
Check out the Indianapolis parking map.

  • Indianapolis Students:
    • Tuesday, July 31: You will receive a validation for the Cross Cultural Retreat to park in a visitor garage.
    • Wednesday, August 1: The Lockefield parking garage will be open for parking. Order your student parking pass today so you can park in ST spots.
    • Thursday, August 2: You must have your student parking pass. Purchase your pass on Wednesday August 1 so you can avoid additional charges.
  • Students Based at Other Campuses
    • The validations you ordered via canvas will allow you to park in a visitor garage for Tuesday-Friday of Orientation. Pick up your validations at the Ask Me desk on the first floor of Hine Hall.

33) Any idea when our loans get disbursed? I already have my bank account linked to the school and so far, I am not seeing anything.

The release of financial aid, which includes scholarships and federal loans as well as other financial aid, will occur Friday, July 27. As a student, you will not see any activity on your bursar record until Monday morning. In the interim, a credit balance report (that credits your financial aid against what you owe) will be generated on Sunday evening with a refund of excess financial aid issued on Monday afternoon. The refund issued will be sent to the Federal Reserve Monday evening and for those with direct deposit for bursar refunds, a refund will reach your direct deposit account within one to two business days, most likely by Wednesday afternoon. This last process all depends on the bank and how they draw down from the Federal Reserve (real-time or batch process). View the timeline for disbursements on our website.

34) Who should I contact in case of an emergency during orientation?

If it’s a true medical emergency contact 911. If its related to IU School of Medicine affairs, contact Emily Walvoord or Antwione Haywood.